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Hybrid Cloud

Cutting-edge businesses need IT services that are scalable, elastic, intuitive and connected. Hybrid cloud computing is the answer: the coordinated use of cloud services across provider boundaries in public, private and community spheres. It will revolutionize your company’s way of working.
Hybrid Cloud - Cegeka


Key challenge in your hybrid cloud strategy: integration.

Progressive IT departments no longer wonder whether they should move to the cloud, but which cloud model they should move to. According to cloudwatchers, hybrid cloud is without any doubt the way forward. 

The hybrid cloud is a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario which taps the value of both public and private cloud. The keyword, and challenge, in a hybrid cloud strategy is integration. Cloud solutions need to be seamlessly integrated, not only with one another but also with on-premise applications. 

Cegeka offers expertise on many levels: as a consultant, broker and integrator. As an integrator we take on the implementation of your cloud roadmap, and ensure that all your cloud solutions and IT infrastructure are fully integrated.  

Why Choose Cloud Computing?


    Benefit from a pay-as-you-use model, get access to automatic updates and keep expenditures and operational costs to a minimum.


    Be fully prepared for natural or technological disasters: minimize the risk of downtime and keep your critical data and applications secure. 


    Scale your cloud-based services up or down as your business requirements vary or your bandwidth needs fluctuate.


    In the era of digital transformation, cloud and mobile are key components. Go where the innovation is happening.


    Boost your ability to quickly respond to changing conditions and opportunities. Beat the competition by accelerating time to market.


    Increase productivity and improve collaboration among co-workers by allowing them to work from any device, anywhere, anytime, 24/7/365.


"With this modern storage platform EconGas receives not only supreme agility and reliability, but also complete flexibility and expansion possibility in all directrions."

Cegeka: your ideal cloud partner

Cegeka is a cloud consultant, integrator and brocker all-in-one. We help customers throughout their journey to the cloud, and beyond.

  • Cloud Consultant

    We help you devise a cloud strategy and work out a roadmap that is 'in sync' with your current as well as future business requirements. 

  • As a cloud integrator

    We take on the implementation of your cloud roadmap, and ensure that your cloud applications and existing IT infrastructure are perfectly integrated. 

  • As a cloud broker

    We manage your cloud, we are the 'single point of contact' for your cloud SLA's and we constantly monitor for cost efficiency and optimal risk management. 

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