The constant feedback and fast adaptation during the project, unique to the agile method, has numerous advantages and ensured a successful outcome. Bart Hombrouckx - Director , KLJ

Katholieke Landelijke Jeugd/Groene Kring shared their existing application for membership management with another organisation, which often resulted in problems. The not-for-profit organisation (NPO) was looking for a way to integrate and centralise registrations for members, events and training courses in a single system. Cegeka developed a CRM system for administrative employees and the Wall-e portal site for directors of local branches.


System tailored to KLJ organisation

The CRM package that KLJ/Groene Kring was using for its member and educational administration no longer lived up to expectations. The umbrella organisation ONS was using the same system, and it regularly modified aspects of its database, which had an adverse effect on its smooth running.

The NPO therefore went in search of its own system so that it could implement developments at its own speed. KLJ/Groene Kring has a rapidly changing workforce, so knowledge management is very important. New employees can find all the information they need quickly with the new system


New CRM system

Cegeka developed a new CRM system which centralises all administrative data. Employees update all the information about members, training courses and various events. Bart Hombrouckx, Director of KLJ/Groene Kring: “Cegeka’s cloud solution offers us extra benefits as a small organisation; we no longer need our own servers and all our information is accessible from anywhere.”

Cegeka also developed a portal site, Wall-e, so local branch directors can organise optimal management of members. When an employee opens a branch, they can immediately see an overview of that particular branch’s history. This means new employees can find all the information they need quickly




All data always up-to-date

Employees can send text messages and emails to members and their parents from the CRM system. Bart Hombrouckx: “Employees can inform parents quickly if a bus is delayed after a trip, for example, thanks to the mobile application. We also have plenty of space for saving documents, such as meeting reports.

Local directors can log in to the Wall-e branch portal to organise member recruitment and management, categorise age groups, assign administration roles and permissions, and manage rights within the portal. Everything is automatically updated in the CRM system, so all information is kept up-to-date at all times.