Cegeka assists and advises us in the selection of the most suitable systems, processors and storage capacity. Peter Squire - Head of ICT, KBC Securities

The central servers at KBC Securities process millions of securities transactions every year. Internal users and clients always have to be able to work on fast and stable systems. KBC Securities relies on Cegeka to ensure that.


Highly reliable infrastructure required

The central IBM servers at KBC Securities handle all business processes for the company: from order processing and settlement of securities to custodial services, accounting and the customer database. In addition to the 500 internal users, the clients also use the central infrastructure, for instance when they trade securities online. That means the central servers have to be very reliable and powerful.

Capacity requirements grow by 20 percent every year, but this increase must not affect performance. Therefore, it is important that the servers are upgraded or replaced in time.


Close cooperation from design to production

Cegeka has provided support for KBC Securities’ central IBM environment for 15 years. Together they regularly check the statistics about system capacity and speed. It allows KBC Securities to invest proactively in new technology, before end users start experiencing problems with slower systems.

In that context, KBC Securities has moved to two new IBM Power Systems at the advice of Cegeka, which are each located in a different data center. Cegeka gave advice, designed the entire environment, installed and integrated the systems, supported data migration and offered 24/7 support.


Low TCO and business continuity

Thanks to their close cooperation, Cegeka knows exactly which systems KBC Securities is using, so it can assist and support them in the best possible manner. KBC Securities can take care of day-to-day management on its own, because it is only a part-time job thanks to the stability of the IBM systems. Therefore, total cost of ownership is relatively low.

The whole server project was completed very smoothly. “About five months passed between decision and delivery”, Peter Squire, Head of ICT at KBC Securities, says. “Because we prepared the project carefully and scheduled sufficient test scenarios, business continuity was never compromised during the migrations.