I don’t have any concerns about personnel recruitment or issues with staff, and hold weekly planning meetings with the coordinator from Cegeka. It’s very comfortable. Remco van Wessel - ICT Manager Services & Infrastructure, Mediahuis

In 2014, publishers Corelio and Concentra merged to form the joint venture, Mediahuis. 2000 computer users now receive ICT support through the central service desk, a service which Mediahuis has outsourced to Cegeka. Six service desk employees process around 2500 tickets every month. Cegeka has recently also taken over the night and weekend service via its own service desk in Antwerp.


Flexible staffing formula

ICT Manager Remco van Wessel guarantees the availability of Mediahuis’ service desk with this formula: “There’s always someone on site in Hasselt, Groot-Bijgaarden and Antwerp during office hours. A sixth fulltime equivalent covers the holiday periods. One of the six is the team leader, and he takes care of the planning. I have weekly meetings with him, and our account manager at Cegeka keeps their finger on the pulse too. It’s very comfortable.”

Concentra already had six years’ experience hiring in service desk employees before starting the joint venture. Then Mediahuis decided to adopt the same concept, so duplicate roles were no longer needed. Because of the flexibility of Cegeka’s formula and its ability to guarantee availability in the event of illness or during holiday periods, it was ultimately decided to outsource it.


Self-service portal and external service desk ‘after hours’

“I don’t have any concerns about personnel recruitment or issues with staff. Cegeka organises the performance appraisals with ‘our’ employees itself,” explains Van Wessel, who is charge of the Services & Infrastructure division, a team of 34 people.

Three quarters of the 2500 tickets come in by email, with the rest being reported on the telephone or in person. Mediahuis is going to start up a self-service portal soon too. Calls are routed to Cegeka’s own service desk in Antwerp after 11pm when the newspaper is finished, and on Sunday afternoons when the editors are working on Monday’s paper.


Transparent billing

“We started working like this about three months ago,” explains Van Wessel. Before this Mediahuis used its own system with eight employees taking it in turns to be on duty. “They had to be available at all times. The change has been welcomed very enthusiastically. Cegeka charges 50 tickets per month for the standby service, with the remainder varying per call.”

The outsourcer also charges a fixed price for the six employees. “We find this fixed payment very easy. We have an agreement for six fulltime equivalents and the day rate is the same regardless of how many years experience they have. We never have any financial surprises.”