Cegeka did not offer us a standard solution, but supported us in identifying the best possible option. Ruth Degraeve- Technical Project Manager , VRT

When VRT received a third television channel, Canvas and the children’s TV station Ketnet no longer had to share a channel. Ketnet received more autonomy, which was a good opportunity to renew the website completely. Ruth Degraeve, technical project manager at VRT: “Making television is still our core activity, but the website is a nice addition that allows for more interaction with our viewers.”


Safe location

VRT did not decide to create a new website overnight. “To ensure get it right from the start, we analysed why children go online, what type of websites they visit, how often they visit them, what they like, etc.”, Sam Ickx, web master, says.

Of course, they were really committed to creating a safe and protected environment for children online. For this purpose, VRT consulted various institutions, including Child Focus. Moderators are checking all content that is placed on the website. That makes cyberbullying impossible.


Smart technology for the website

VRT will no longer run the Ketnet website on its own servers, but in the data center of IT supplier Cegeka. Cegeka can vary the allocated capacity according to the number of visitors. The website is currently running on four database servers and six web servers. That number can be changed at any time, in line with requirements.

There are also two databases. The content section of the website, which was created in Drupal, is running on an Apache server with My SQL, which is the best solution for this. The community section is built on the ZEND framework, with Apache Cassandra. This separate NoSQL knowledge database is perfectly suited for special content delivery.


Dazzling figures

The new website consists of two sections. The main part is the content section, which includes articles, videos, competitions, games, a quiz and much more. There is also a new interactive section, which is similar to social network sites.

On the first day, the new website had 47,750 unique visitors, i.e. the highest number of visitors ever on Ketnet’s website. There were a total of 1,044,580 page views, with a bandwidth peak around 6 PM. Total data exchange exceeded 888 gigabytes that day.