Our customers are also happy, because we can offer better service, and respond and deliver more quickly. Marc Hulselmans- ICT Officer , Van Wellen

Van Wellen contractors had to replace about ten physical services. The construction company decided to virtualize the servers with Cegeka’s support. IT at Van Wellen has now become more reliable and flexible, and is supported by a strong disaster recovery plan based on the latest technologies. The contractor’s data and software have to be available at all times and everywhere.


Data have to be available everywhere and at all times

Marc Hulselmans, IT Officer at Van Wellen: “Our servers had to be replaced. Some of them had been in service for seven years. We had to decide whether we wanted to replace them all with physical servers or virtualize them and run them on two hardware systems. We decided to go for the second option.

Van Wellen’s management decided to develop disaster recovery in parallel with the virtualization project. “We ensured a fallback solution at our parent company, CFE, which has a data center at its headquarters in Brussels”, Marc Hulselmans says.”Cegeka took care of the concept, installation and configuration of the server and network infrastructure”


Flexible and stable IT system

Today, Van Wellen only has three physical systems: two ESX servers and one management server. Marc Hulselmans: “Depending on the migration options, we decided to virtualize some servers immediately with VMware and to create the other servers in ESX. Our virtual servers are now running on the two ESX servers. The management and backup software also runs on our management server.”

By consolidating everything on a few physical systems, the negative impact of server problems increases. Therefore, Cegeka installed two hardware systems to guarantee data and application availability at all times. “If one of the servers goes down, the VMware technology automatically switches to the other server.”


Higher productivity and better customer service

Virtual servers give the IT Officer much more flexibility with available capacity. “Virtualization software makes it very easy to move capacity”, says Marc Hulselmans. “Our current capacity is more than sufficient, but we can add virtual RAM and disks quickly and easily if required”.

Thanks to our flexible and stable IT infrastructure, Van Wellen can now act much faster, which allows the company to increase its competitiveness. All applications also run faster on the new systems. “That has increased productivity and leads to less frustration for pc users”.