Cegeka has installed technology to connect with Microsoft Azure, the software giant’s public cloud, more easily. This improves its ability to run customers’ core applications in its own data centres, and link to less critical or temporary systems in the Microsoft public cloud, or replicate core data in the public cloud for optimal operational reliability. Installing this technology means Cegeka is one of a select group in the Microsoft Cloud OS Network.

Cegeka has installed Microsoft virtualisation software in its data centre to connect with Microsoft Azure more easily. “We’re already linked to Microsoft Azure, but the current integration is a bit more cumbersome. This is partly why transfers between private and public clouds aren’t very common yet. So now we’re buying improved ease of use, to significantly accelerate integration for customers and offer them the flexibility and scalability that the public cloud provides more easily. We’ve noticed that the market is much more mature than about two years ago,” says Zander Colaers, COO Cegeka Group.

In order to be able to join the network, partners have to satisfy strict requirements relating to sales expertise and scalability, amongst other things. They also need technical expertise in the implementation of the Windows Server operating system, Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation software, Microsoft System Center data centre management software and Windows Azure Pack API cloud software.


Cegeka haalt public cloud van Microsoft naar eigen datacenters

Zander Colaers, COO Cegeka 


“Partners like Cegeka are an important part of our strategy of involving companies with strong local cloud provider expertise in our cloud programme.” Marijke Schoors - sms&p, sales, segment and partners lead, Microsoft


Combination of Azure and private cloud in local data centre

“The Cloud OS Network rewards partners who have a strong affinity with Microsoft technology and proven experience of cloud computing,” says Marijke Schroos, SMS&P Sales, Segment and Partners Lead at Microsoft.

Cegeka also recently became a Microsoft CSP partner, so it can sell and manage Microsoft public cloud services ‘under its own flag’. Both these partnerships are testament to Cegeka’s strong focus on cloud computing. The service provider is also opening its own new data centre in the Dutch city of Geleen in 2016, with which it will substantially increase its capacity for hybrid cloud services.


Cegeka haalt public cloud van Microsoft naar eigen datacenters