Cegeka can add another customer to their list of European Food companies with the Italian GF Group. Cegeka will implement Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Cloud. GF Group’s daughter company Fruttital will be the first one to be implemented, and is therefore the first Italian company that will work with Dynamics Cloud.

With the ERP-project, GF Group wants to get as much as possible out of the integration of records at group level. “In a strongly competitive food industry, the importance of IT increases. By innovating continuously we aim to outshine our competition”, says Tommaso Cotto, COO at GF Group Spa. “Because the success of such a substantial project depends on the adoption by the user, we chose for AX7: a fully developed ERP-system which is recognizable, flexible and innovative. Cloud is the future and we want to catch this opportunity.”

There will be working 700 users in total with the new Microsoft Dynamics AX7 Cloud. In the first phase, Cegeka will take care of a pilot project in 10 operational sites of GF group in Italy. In the next phase, Cegeka will roll-out the ERP-software in another 16 sites across France, Portugal and Greece.

Cegeka is active in Italy for more than 30 years and has a lot of food industry experience. “The European Food expertise of Cegeka was critical”, says Dominique De Vos, Food Solution Manager at Cegeka Group. “We have implemented more than 100 ERP-projects with great success at Food companies throughout Europe. We are known for our ‘close cooperation’ with our customers and look for new technologies which will streamline their business processes. This project with GF Group confirms our strong European position in the food market.”