UZ Leuven and Cegeka have announced a collaborative agreement to work on the electronic patient record (EPR), with both organisations setting up a joint venture in the short term. The basis of the collaboration is the existing EPR package, KWS from UZ Leuven, which is the result of years of development and knowledge that has been built up by UZ Leuven and its partner organisations. Cegeka brings with it 20 years of experience in healthcare solutions which are currently in use in various Flemish hospitals. This experience combined with Cegeka’s technological know-how are ingredients for a successful future.

KWS is the shared electronic patient record that enables optimal collaboration between healthcare providers from affiliated nexus health hospitals. The EPR is also connected to GPs and dentists via the features available on the e-health platform. Among other things, patients can use it to look up appointments, invoices and images online. This makes the EPR package an essential component of secure, high-quality and affordable patient care.

‘We’ve worked on nexuz health with our heart and soul for many years. This joint venture will now enable us to further expand and professionalise the project,’ says Prof. Dr. Bart Van den Bosch, CIO at UZ Leuven

‘We want to safeguard the future of the nexuzhealth project with this collaboration. We also want to provide technologically up-to-date solutions to hospitals for a fair price,’ adds Prof. Dr. Marc Decramer, Managing Director of UZ Leuven.

‘The joint venture fits in with Cegeka’s strategy of providing specific sector solutions. We’re looking forward to strengthening our engagement in the healthcare sector with this collaboration. Specifically, we want to expand, commercialise and implement nexuz health further and develop new healthcare applications,’ says André Knaepen, CEO of Cegeka. The new collaborative agreement is the result of a selection procedure in which Cegeka – UZ Leuven proved to be the strongest combination.


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