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Leading companies must constantly adapt to ever-changing environments or fall to the competition. IT departments have to be ready to support the business with software releases that guarantee flexibility, quality and faster time to market. Agile software development is the key.

Cegeka brings agile best practices to your projects

  • Continuity & durability

    We build long-lasting business software that is right the first time, and that delivers true business value, right from the start.


    Our nearshore software factory works in close cooperation with you to build applications that solve real problems and deliver in a cost-effective way.


    We live and breathe eXtreme Programming (XP) and SCRUM best practices, for a reliable, high-quality and predictable development process (CMMI-Level 3 compliant).


    By minimizing waste and measuring KPIs, our lean approach generates more business value.


    Our high-level impact analysis and constant feedback process enables us to start faster, maintain flexibility and optimize time to market.


    By integrating analysis, development and evaluation over short sprints and releasing continuously, we adapt quickly and keep risks small and manageable.

Agile and lean principles for software project management

Scrum - Agile software development


Scrum is a framework of planning and communication techniques that emphasize collaboration between developers, the business and its customers. It involves iterative development, product and sprint backlogs, user stories, daily meetings, follow-up, evaluation and adjustment.

Extreme Programming - Agile Development Cegeka

eXtreme Programming (XP)

XP is an adaptive software engineering methodology that is focused around a core of best practices: incremental design, test-driven development, pair programming, shared code, continuous integration and continuous build

kanban - Agile Development Cegeka


This approach to managing knowledge work optimizes the entire development process by visualizing the workflow, limiting work in progress and measuring lead times. Kanban keeps our teams on track and working at the perfect pace on the right tasks.

DevOps - Agile Development Cegeka


Sometimes considered a culture or movement, DevOps is a communication and collaboration approach that makes sure that software developers, quality assurance and operations experts are aligned. Software building, testing and releasing processes are highly automated.

Paul Danneels

Paul Danneels - CIO, VDAB

“Our collaboration with Cegeka runs very smoothly and always stays within scope and budget.”
Agile Processes for continuous release

Agile processes for continuous release

1 - Analysis

In a workshop, we help you perform a high level analysis that leads to a critical look at the requirements of the project. We help you develop a product backlog that ensures sure your software will have everything it needs, with no wasted effort.

2 - Development

Developing in 2-week sprints, we’ve automated much of the build, test and deploy process for maximum development speed and flexibility as new requirements come up. This process also optimizes collaboration at all levels.

3 - Testing and evaluation

Errors are detected quickly in an agile development process, allowing the development team to make adjustments to avoid costly mistakes later.

4 - Continuous Release

We work to deliver a minimum viable product that can be launched. Beyond that, we work iteratively to enable you to release software on a continuous basis – boosting business value and reducing risk.

E-Book Agile Software Development

How to build in quality from the start?

In a world where everything is enhanced by software, clean code is one of the fastest ways we provide business value to our customers. In this paper we explain best practices in software development and testing, which all contribute to producing clean code, i.e. optimal code quality. 

Ebook agile software development - Cegeka