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Your customers expect consistency in your contact strategy in today’s omni-channel era. They also expect you to offer the right solution at the right time via the right channel. Our CRM solution will help you keep that continuous ‘wow factor’ that digitally savvy customers crave.

Agile implementation for the CRM solution of your dreams

  • Agile Pioneer

    As an agile pioneer, Cegeka approaches CRM implementation with a flexible, collaborative and efficient tactic, featuring demo and feedback sessions every two weeks.

  • Omni-channel approach

    We will make sure that digital channels align perfectly with your company’s goals and strategies – enabling you to outshine the toughest competition.

  • Seamless integration

    We’ll help you make use of the CRM system of your dreams, no matter which systems and processes need to be integrated. Our long and broad experience enables us to help you with all types of integrations

Free CRM DIY book

Over 30 pages of advise you can apply immediately

Are you planning to implement CRM within your business?
Looking to keep the process as smooth and efficient as possible?
Our CRM Do-It-Yourself book is just the thing (in Dutch).

CRM DIY book - Cegeka

Lindsy Vanaudenhaegen -  project officer, LRM

"This project goes beyond storing information in a uniform and intelligent manner. We mainly wanted to have a better overview of how are resources are used. Cegeka made sure that all information appears on the screen in no more than four clicks’"

CRM with Cegeka will dynamize your business

  • Omnichannel wow experiences

    Offer your customers unforgettable ‘wow’ experiences across all channels, for long-term loyalty.

  • centralized uniform data, anywhere, anytime, any device

    Avoid data silos with our state-of-the-art, centralized CRM solution – available when, where and how people need it.

  • great 1-on-1 customer experiences

    Optimize customer experience by responding to your customers faster and understanding them more thoroughly.

  • improved lead generation

    Easily calculate ROI and improve lead generation by automating marketing processes.

  • relevant messaging across all channels

    Market smarter by taking targeted actions: delivering the right message, to the right people via the right channel at the right time. 

  • business insight

    Measure your success with one consolidated view of your business insights 

Ilse Van San

Ilse Van San - B2B Sales Manager, KMDA

“Cegeka implemented our CRM very quickly. We didn’t run into any surprises and we stayed well within our budget.”

Flexible CRM system and portal ensure optimal operation

KLJ/Groene Kring

Flexibel CRM-systeem en afdelingsportaal zorgen voor optimale werking bij KLJ/Groen Kring