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ICT - in close cooperation

We want to provide our clients with high-quality ICT solutions that help them achieve their business objectives. We want to be the ‘employer of choice’ for our employees, and offer them new opportunities every day.

  • Vision

    ICT can give you a strategic advantage. This is only possible if your ICT fits in seamlessly with your business. Cegeka wants to work together with you to ensure that your business and ICT remain permanently harmonised.

  • Mission

    We want to help you realise your ambitions, interpret your needs and solve your problems by providing you with high-quality ICT solutions that make the difference.


With this vision and mission as a starting point, we offer you a three-pronged approach for harmonising your business and ICT. We work together with the client as closely as possible – in partnership. It is crucial for us to be in close cooperation. Transparent, committed and involved. We set up your ICT environment in a flexible way. ‘Agility’ in processes, applications and systems makes this environment ‘future-proof’ and ready for change. We make sure you can capitalise on knowledge within your organisation.

Facts & Figures

IT Solutions

Cegeka, s.r.o.

Our company's mission is to be a leading provider of banking and financial technologies, who guarantees high quality, high technology, flexibility and stability.
CEGEKA Czech Republic focuses on the following areas:

1. Software for Business Solutions (IS Rebecca, IS Jupiter, Sitecore)
2. Custom SW Development
3. Infrastructure solutions
4. 24/7 managed services
Cegeka, s.r.o. is part of a multinational group CEGEKA, which gives us the potential for attracting new customers by expanding portfolio of products and services.

Business strategy is based on an individual approach to clients, with a continuous service to level of system integration.

The most valuable building block of CEGEKA is a staff - special teams of trained experts whose experience, expertise and flexibility are the guarantee of the successful implementation of projects and they are able to meet the expectations of management of the customer and to improve the quality of the product itself, better outcomes for management information systems, a better environment for customer service, saving manpower, more efficient use of internal information and opportunities to expand the portfolio of services.