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Your core business is the heart and soul of your company. Reducing costs, increasing access to resources, business transformation and better core focus are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your applications to Cegeka.

Why outsourcing your applications:

Cost Reduction - Cegeka Application outsourcing

Cost reduction

Business transformation - Cegeka Application outsourcing

Business transformation

Focus on core business - Cegeka Application outsourcing

Focus on core business

Access to resources - Cegeka Application outsourcing

Access to resources

More transparance on costs - Cegeka Application outsourcing

More transparance on costs

Service quality - Cegeka Application outsourcing

Improvement of service quality

Financial flexibility - Cegeka Application outsourcing

More financial flexibility

Other - Cegeka Application Outsourcing


Application outsourcing with Cegeka will transform your business

  • We help you realize total cost savings that raise the value of your IT delivery.

  • Having us manage your applications frees up your own personnel for innovation.

  • We align with your company to envision customer expectations that remain flexible even as your business evolves.

  • We promise consistency, continuity, agility and high availability.

  • Stay in control and enhance your business while we focus on outsourced operations.

  • Our clear communication and skilled escalation process prioritization enables proactive management.

E-book: Application Outsourcing

Overview of succesful sourcing of your application landscape

This E-book provides insight into the benefits of outsourcing your existing software. While realising a lower total cost of ownership, outsourcing often means a one-size-fits-all approach. Not at Cegeka. You will learn about our approach, that supports your software needs in a flexible way while freeing up your internal IT staff for business critical projects and innovations.

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eBook Application Outsourcing - Cegeka

Four steps to more core focus, stronger business values and future-proof applications

1 - Due diligence

We work with you to map your entire application landscape, including all processes that are affected by it.

2 - Onboarding

Using the application landscape map, we place the right processes and further support, manage, maintain and, if needed, transform existing applications.

3 - Stabilisation

Alongside the solution architect, we implement an architectural solution to ensure that the platform is always aligned with your business needs.

4 – Continuous improvement

We will further develop and optimize your platform in combination with testing and validation services to ensure that we are working in a continuous service improvement lifecycle.

A complete application outsourcing solutions architect

Application Outsourcing - Legacy Transformation

Legacy transformation

With our legacy transformation service, we aim to retain and extend the value of your original investment by migrating it to new platforms.

ApplicationOutsourcing - Managed Services

Managed services

When you invest in Cegeka’s managed IT services, you can rest assured that your systems will be properly designed, maintained and supported – regardless of the effort needed for us to achieve the perfect results.

Mark Calderhead

MArk Calderhead - Program Manager Application Outsourcing, Cegeka

“Cegeka takes care of its customers through a creative application outsourcing offering that increases business value without putting pressure on the customer’s internal resources.”

The various pillars of Application Outsourcing.

Mark Calderhead

Pillars of Application Outsourcing - Cegeka