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Custom-made software

The right level of outsourcing to suit your needs

Companies are increasingly outsourcing supporting services to focus on their core activities. The same goes for software. Many companies want to outsource their applications in a step-by-step process. In close cooperation with customers, Cegeka helps them to define the roadmap that is most beneficial for business. We support our customers in every step of the process: from staff augmentation through application management to full outsourcing.

Tap into the customers perspective

Customers tell us that many software development projects fail, never meet deadlines and that the aspired change takes too long to realize or never happens. We also notice that 30% of the features are never used, which makes applications unnecessarily complex. We have a different approach. Our unique approach allows us to build only what users need. We tap into our customers’ perspective and focus on the features that deliver actual business value. We only build the right functionality for our customers, starting from the very beginning.

We also have a proven recipe for success for the implementation and change process. Our approach and our nearshore capacity ensure our customers receive much more business value for the same price: our applications can easily be used for 10 to 15 years.

Custom development

  • Quality

    The application of agile engineering practices (e.g. Test-driven Development, Refactoring and Continuous Integration) guarantees high-quality software.

  • Flexibility

    Our agile methodology allows us to act upon changes in requirements or priorities.

  • Fast realization

    Short development times in comparison to a traditional approach. Iterative development makes it possible to deliver business value much faster in several releases.

  • Within the deadline and budget

    Thanks to our ‘agile best practices’ for specification, cooperation, planning & tracking, engineering, testing and conversion, features are delivered on time and within budget.