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IS JupiterPro

JupiterPro is a portfolio management software. It is designed especially for banks, insurance companies, pension funds, investment companies, etc. and contains not only predefined interfaces and outputs but especially we are tailormade oriented.

About IS Jupiter

  • Features

    Order management and settled trades/transactions. Hedging instruments support. Wide classifications of securities, entities, portfolios. Corporate events calender. LookThrough. Entities management. Wide support of transaction types. Bulk operations. Bulk report generating with possibility of PDF export (cutting) for individual clients. Cash flow. Multi-currency. Internal accounting simultaneously in asset & portfolio & national currencies.FIFO, AVG methods. FIX interface support. Predefined reports, exports and imports. Tailormade solutions. Etc.

  • technology

    Client-Server technology. DB (MS SQL Server). Client (OS MS Windows).

  • security

    Used MS SQL server ensures data security. System access is solved using by SSO (Single sign-on) or username and password. Complexivity and expiration can be enfored by security policy. Every access is recorded. Audit trail. User roles, features and data rights.

Miloslav Martinek - CIO, J&T BankA, a.s.

"IS Jupiter determines the client’s investment profile and controls an ideal model with the best possible combination of investments. Each portfolio is automatically weighted to  gain the best returns, and thanks to Jupiter we always know the nominal return on investment, so we can always offer added value to investors".

IS JupiterPro

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