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IS Rebecca

IS REBECCA is a highly efficient and reliable banking information system designed for complete data registration and billing credits (municipal, mortgage, feed, pre-mortgage, commercial, consumer, promises, etc.) in real-time.

About IS Rebecca

  • Parts of parametrization

    • Codes, parameters • Accounting schedule, construction of analyst • Accounting rules, transactions • Setting the properties and conduct of accounts • Set products.

  • Final operations

    The system allows processing of closing operations (drawdowns, repayments, collateral posting to balance sheet, accounting for commitments to off-balance sheet, interest, fees, monitoring of payment discipline, generate reminders, etc.).

  • Reporting

    A strength of the system is reporting. Reporting from the perspective of the client (customer statements and notices) and also from the perspective of the Bank (various reports). Reports are supported by a variety of formats including PDF via XML over plain text or proprietary.

  • Integration

    IS Rebecca supports full integration with existing core systems of banks. Such as accounting, printing, clearing systems. It also supports an open and secure API to perform basic operations using third-party systems.

  • Security and data protection

    Basic security settings is part of the Administration module where you can create and set different levels of permissions and access rights. Four level-data protection is ensured by standard means and monitored mechanism that is not known to the operating personnel.