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Web applications

If you have digital content and the need to share it effectively with your customers, then we can help you.

We implement today the most progressive Web Content Management System (Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM) Sitecore. This platform combines a portfolio of tools for marketing. E.g. Web Experience Platform for creating websites (CMS) Email Experience Manager to manage email campaigns, Print Experience Manager to print a report or presentation Experience Analytics to evaluate the success of each activity.

Unique for this platform are:
 - Experience Profile
 - Experience Analytics
 - Personalization & Automation
 - Testing & Optimization

Sitecore strictly separates content from presentation, so that any data can be shared throughout the different views.

The platform allows integration with the customer's internal systems, such as Active Directory, Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, e-commerce, etc.

Our customers are global players from different sectors eg. Bridgestone, Pioneers, DJ, etc.

New Bridgestone websites support sales

User-friendly and bilingual CMS system

Bridgestone decided to install a new CMS system in the context of its completely new online strategy and its improved brand policy in order to support sales. The tyre manufacturer also redesigned its internal processes, because there was a lack of uniformity between the websites.

A user-friendly and multilingual CMS system was an important requirement. The tyre manufacturer started a standard selection process for new software. Iulian Bobalca, responsible for the Internet and Intranet at Bridgestone: “Sitecore emerged as the best solution. The content management software proved the best match for our requirements.”

New Bridgestone websites support sales