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Helping you transform into a citizen-focused and data-driven organization

Social & Governmental services

The public and social services sector is on the verge of a new era. By embracing digitalization and harnessing the power of data, you can make citizens’ lives easier, work smarter and boost the efficiency of processes and services.

Cegeka has been a trusted IT partner for governments, public and social sector organizations for over 30 years. Building on this experience, we provide you with best-in-class solutions and services that transform you into a proactive, citizen-focused and data-driven public and social organization.


How digitalization helps public and social services thrive

Ensuring an exceptional ‘citizen’ experience

Today’s citizens and businesses demand exceptional services – not just from companies but also from governmental organizations. They expect you to treat them like customers and unique individuals by offering simple, streamlined administration, 24/7 availability, personalized services, etc.

Smart IT solutions that automatically process and store citizen data and enable data sharing and data access will help you become more responsive to citizens’ needs and provide them with more and better services – while respecting their privacy.

Read how Cegeka helped VUTG build an innovative package to automatically calculate and pay family and school allowances

Becoming a data-driven organization

In today's highly connected world, you have access to massive volumes of data from many different sources. By collecting all that data, sharing it – via ecosystems, data flows and webservices –, analyzing and connecting it, your government, public or social organization gains the power to transform almost everything you do.

From providing personalized services and proactive recommendations to citizens and taking better-informed decisions to predicting and anticipating needs: with data analytics and AI-powered scenarios and simulations at your fingertips, you put the citizen at the center of your approach and become a future-proof organization.

Read how Constructiv is providing better insights and service with a solid data foundation

Increasing internal productivity

Evolving citizen expectations, sustainability requirements, urbanization trends, etc. all require governments to do more and do it better. At the same time, budgets are tight. As a result, you need to improve your effectiveness significantly, which means finding ever-more innovative ways to deliver better public and social services.

Organizations that exploit technology to its fullest are able to offer citizen self-service tools and streamline internal workflows and processes, driving efficiency.


Future-proofing your IT landscape

Collaboration has become a must for governments, public and social sector organizations to serve their citizens well. That’s why a growing number of government initiatives focus on access to and the sharing of public and social sector data.

By breaking down silos and seamlessly sharing, connecting and streamlining data, applications and tools between public and social sector organizations, you will find new solutions, save money and future-proof your IT landscape and services.

Read how Ventouris managed to stay future-proof after 15 years

Explore how Cegeka can help

Cegeka works with governments to develop citizen-focused IT solutions, turn data into better decisions and services, boost workplace productivity, enhance cybersecurity, and much more. Explore our broad offering to find the solutions you need to drive transformation:

Application Development

Successfully complete the most complex software development projects to future-proof your organization, based on the platforms and technologies that best meet your needs (from .NET and Java to low-code, Drupal, etc.).

Discover application development that fits your needs

Application management services

Ensure continuity, adaptability, resource flows and efficiently managed applications and/or IT infrastructure.


Build up business resilience and agility by valorizing and renovating core applications

Application modernization

By converting your outdated applications into a modern IT landscape, you’ll save costs and improve the flexibility, performance and security of your applications.


Maximize the business value of your IT landscape

IT infrastructure management services

Ensure continuity, adaptability, resource flows and efficiently managed applications and/or IT infrastructure.


Dare to Outsource

Digital workplace

Empower your employees to exploit technology to its fullest, creating a digital culture that drives efficiency.


Transform your office into a digital workplace

Transformation improvement services

Let our experienced coaches introduce you to the power of agile, to make your organization highly-adaptive and self-organizating.

Learn more about our training courses

Cloud orchestration

Unlock the true potential of cloud computing.


Navigate the cloud landscape and uncover what’s beyond

Integration services

Connect all your applications, processes and data to deliver new value quickly and cost effectively.

Boost your business with Cegeka's Integration Services

Cybersecurity and Access Management

Make your organization agile and resilient in the face of system intrusions and failures.

Improve your cyber resilience


Turn your parking assets into smart(er) car parks and, ultimately, profitable 21st-century mobility hubs.


Move to a futureproof parking


With Mobilize, Cegeka offers a user-friendly platform to visualize traffic patterns and to simulate, predict and discuss the impact of changes.

Discover the benefits of smart mobility

Data migration

Combine all your data from different platforms and locations into one centralized system to boost consistency, security and operational efficiency.

Explore our solutions to become a data company

5G and mobile private networks

5G offers huge opportunities for smart and connected cities, enabling unprecedented applications in mobility, safety, energy efficiency and beyond.

Read more about our 5G solutions

IT team extension

Join forces with the best IT professionals to support your projects.


View your offering

Cegeka as structural partner of the Flemish government

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As a structural IT partner of the Flemish government, Cegeka supports the further digitalization of Flanders in the area of digital workplaces and – together with its partner DXC – the development of applications that have an impact on 6.6 million people in Flanders.

Why choose Cegeka?

We know the public and social sector and understand your needs

For over 30 years, Cegeka has been a trusted IT partner to European, national as well as regional governments and public agencies, as well as HR service providers, health insurance organizations, social security services, etc. By combining our expertise in technology with deep-rooted knowhow of every public and social sector domain and understanding of your as your challenges and opportunities, we offer impactful solutions.

We offer high-quality, future-proof solutions

Our team, which consists of experts in a wide range of platforms and technologies, ensures high-quality, first-time-right and future-proof software projects, products and solutions. Starting with an assessment to gauge your needs, our unique, three-step approach helps us to deliver exactly the solution you need, ensuring complete peace of mind.

We work in close cooperation

As a family-owned, no-nonsense company, we work in close collaboration with your team throughout the entire project – and long beyond. Our accessibility, transparency and empathy are keys to our success.

We are locally anchored

By teaming up with Cegeka, you support a local business: while we have an international network, our experience is local. We understand local legislation and challenges, our people speak your language and there’s always a Cegeka expert nearby.

Our projects

Making complex structures and processes manageable in a user-friendly application, while also adhering to legal regulations.

Kind en Gezin

The Groeipakket application helps 1 million Flemish families receive their family benefits.

Learn more


Still future-proof after 15 years: the remarkable case of Ventouris (e-portal).

A timeless application


Thanks to our "matching" platform, two out of three job vacancies are easily filled.


Social benefits for more than 168,000 workers in the construction industry are calculated and paid swiftly and correctly thanks to our software.

What our customers say about Cegeka

The secret behind correct and timely payment of the Growth Package: DevSecOps and agile application development


Thanks to DevSecOps and agile application development, Cegeka succeeded in getting the software for the Growth Package of the Flemish government live on time.

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Tailored agile coaching path anchors continuous improvement at the RSVZ


When the RSVZ decided to develop its own applications, this was easier said than done: large-scale analyses, long lead times ...

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Cegeka guarantees continuity of payments to construction workers through PDOK


How Cegeka helped PDOK to modernise its internally developed IT application.

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Cegeka helps Iriscare ensure the elderly receive the right support

Iriscare was faced with the challenge of developing an application to pay the ‘assistance for the elderly’ allowance in a very short time. With Cegeka at the helm of the project, they rose to the challenge.

> Read more

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