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Moving towards a digital acceleration for the government

Social & Governmental services

As Belgium's largest independent IT service provider, Cegeka is driving the further digitalization of Flanders and the Flemish administration.

Cegeka's ambition, together with the government, is to see Flanders become one of the top five digital regions in Europe.

Digital services that put citizens and end-users front and centre

Designing solutions that meet the expectations of both citizens and employees. Ensuring a tangible impact. Moving towards digital relevance. That's what we're trying to achieve.

We turn complex structures and processes into user-friendly applications. On top of that, we manage and optimize both your applications and infrastructure projects in a fully integrated manner.

Digital services that put citizens and end-users front and centre

Application Development

Our applications are designed to reduce the administrative burden on citizens and businesses as much as possible and to provide faster and better service.

Cegeka's digital factory houses more than 4,000 developers who follow a consistent approach to design and coding standards. We build applications from scratch, but can also build software using low-code.

Outsource your development and maintenance

Fully secured hybrid workplaces

Hybrid work is rapidly becoming the norm - including for your employees. Are you making the most of the home-working trend?

Cegeka provides the appropriate technology and the necessary security for you to stay on track and create a digital workplace that increases productivity, improves user experience, and reduces complexity and costs as well.

Make sure your user adoption plan is ready on time
Slimme dienstverlening met datacentralisatie

Move towards smart services with data centralization

Undertaking a digital transformation without data? Impossible. But data alone will get you nowhere. To become truly data-driven, you need to use and interpret data in the right way. Overviews and insights provide perspective and help put the end user first. This allows you to make the right decisions.

Becoming a data-driven organization leads to:

  • Social relevance
  • High quality services for citizens
  • Reduced risks
  • Reduced costs

How to become a data-driven organization with our data solutions


How Cegeka can facilitate your digital transformation

A single data platform through cloud computing

Say goodbye to data silos and the manual work that goes with them. It's time for a single source of truth. Today, data from citizens, organizations, companies and research departments can be collected in one central location. We analyse and manage the ERP data, production data, financial and sales applications, CRM and HRM systems - and use AI for maximum efficiency. Finally, we use them as information sources to make informed decisions.

Move from data silos to a single source of truth

The power of digital ecosystems through integration

Cegeka builds bridges, connecting applications, processes and data with each other, using a logical approach based on digital ecosystems. Our Integration Services package is designed to make life easy for you, so you can focus on your core business. Features include data governance and end-to-end monitoring. This enables you to provide the highest quality service quickly and cost-efficiently and to ensure continuity at all times.

Optimize your IT environment with Integration Services

Smart Cities are the future

As a government, you are faced with numerous challenges, both locally and globally. Just think of climate change, mobility, urbanization ... and digitalization.

We use innovative technology to ensure that the future of your city or region, its citizens and employees is more sustainable, smarter and more enjoyable for everyone.

Smart Cities is de toekomst

Moving quickly with 5G

Smart cities are connected cities. Sensors, cameras and intelligent platforms provide a wealth of information. Understand that data and you can optimize traffic flows, create safe intersections, reduce energy costs and stay in touch with residents.

5G is an enormous step forward for connected cities. It has been specially developed to connect machines, objects and devices with each other both directly and wirelessly. By storing the collected data in a cloud data platform, automation and analysis can be easily applied.

Discover our 5G solutions

Predicting and simulating traffic with Mobilize

Want to use data and AI to help visualize your mobility plans? It’s all possible with Cegeka Mobilize. We process all the data from a number of sensors on a single user-friendly platform via IoT and the cloud. We then introduce AI so you can visualize, simulate and predict various traffic changes in the blink of an eye, allowing you to understand the impact and to make the right mobility decisions at any time.

Mobilize is making cities smarter

Smart, green parking spaces thanks to Capacity

Future parking is so much more than just a place to park your car. It also has to accommodate shared cars, scooters and bicycles, as well as Uber and Lyft, and charging stations for electric cars. With smart software, you can take an ordinary university, business area or residential building car park into the future today, solving capacity problems and contributing to a greener society.

Discover the benefits of smart mobility

As a structural IT partner of the Flemish government, Cegeka supports the further digitalization of Flanders in the area of digital workplaces and – together with its partner DXC – the development of applications that have an impact on 6.6 million people in Flanders.

Cegeka as structural partner of the Flemish government

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Stijn Bijnens - CEO Cegeka

We are very proud that Cegeka, as the largest independent IT services provider in Flanders, will be at the helm of the further digitalization of the region and the local administration in the long term. Cegeka's ambition, together with the government, is to see Flanders become one of the top five digital regions in Europe.

Stijn Bijnens, Cegeka CEO

Our projects

Making complex structures and processes manageable in a user-friendly application, while also adhering to legal regulations.

Kind en Gezin

The Groeipakket application helps 1 million Flemish families receive their family benefits.

Learn more


Still future-proof after 15 years: the remarkable case of Ventouris (e-portal).

A timeless application


Thanks to our "matching" platform, two out of three job vacancies are easily filled.


Social benefits for more than 168,000 workers in the construction industry are calculated and paid swiftly and correctly thanks to our software.

About Cegeka

In close cooperation

Cegeka is a family-owned company providing IT solutions built on technical expertise. Proximity, pro-activity and human interaction are the keys to our success.

End-to-end IT solutions

With our end-to-end IT solutions, we help reduce the gap between citizens and government, further optimising cross-institutional efficiency and supporting innovative projects.

+30 years of experience in the public sector

For more than 30 years, our public sector clients have put their trust in our expertise. We are a no-nonsense family business that attaches great importance to working closely with our customers throughout the entire process – 'in close cooperation’, as our motto goes.

Founded and headquartered in Flanders

Born as a local family company in Flanders in 1992, Cegeka has had a fascinating journey. We have grown into a trusted European player with broad expertise, +2500 happy customers and +5,500 engaged employees.

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