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Our modern SOC helps you build a Cyber Resilient business.


Traditional Security Operations Centers face several challenges:

Too many attacks and alerts

There’s an increase in attacks and attack vectors, and security tools are continuously adding more detection methods. Consequently, SOC analysts are overwhelmed by a flood of alerts

Not enough experts

There’s a shortage of experts to keep up with the growing number of alerts. Additionally, there’s insufficient awareness of new threats, attack patterns and threat intelligence.  

Too much fragmentation and lack of visibility

Over the years, a SOC adds numerous security technologies. These generate data in their own fragmented context, and each has its own dashboard. As a result, there’s no end-to-end view on security. 

Our C-SOR²C approach

With our Cyber Security Operations, Response & Recovery Center (C-SOR²C), Cegeka offers a modern SOC, drawing upon our extensive security expertise and with R² we add Response and Recover to Security Operations:


Comprehensive cyber security services

We deliver a wide range of cyber security services that assist in detecting, responding to and recovering from attacks.

Detect | We provide 24x7 security monitoring for potential security incidents, industry-leading threat intelligence for threat detection, and experienced SOC analysts who engage in threat hunting. 

Respond | We counter threats with containment actions and continuously enhance your cyber resilience through security advisories. 

Recover | End-to-end recovery is embedded in our solution. In the event of a high-priority cyber-attack, you can rely on our Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) expertise. 

The benefits of Cegeka C-SOR²C

With our Cyber Security Operations, Response & Recovery Center (C-SOR²C), Cegeka offers a modern SOC, drawing upon our extensive security expertise:


Taking it a step further

We elevate the traditional SOC by incorporating Response and Recovery, integrating automation and human expertise, providing an end-to-end view and protecting both IT and OT systems.


People, process and technology

Just like any operational environment, our C-SOR²C service is founded on the triad of people, process and technology. It’s much more than a mere technological solution.

Cegeka CSORC 3 EDIT-19-20

Automation and orchestration

Automation lies at the core of our SOC. Our Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) layer offers a unified platform for analysts to seamlessly integrate various technologies.

Cegeka CSORC 4-20

You own your data

You attain full visibility into your security environment. This comprehensive insight not only enhances your understanding but ensures you keep ownership of your data.

Security-csorc-v1 horizon logo-20


Our security observability dashboard Horizon provides a complete overview of security alerts and incidents, trend lines and threat news.

Cegeka CSORC 5-20

Security Advisory

Our experienced Security Advisors provide insights into the latest evolution in Cyber Security and your Cyber Security posture, so you can create a vision to continuously improve your cyber resilience. 

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