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You-novation @Cegeka

Enabling innovation through technology.

You-novation - We stand by you - You deserve better outcomes

Our take on innovation – Your ideas matter, and we are here to enable them.

What we do - We walk trodden paths, as well as unexplored ones. We re-engineer projects, products or solutions, using the latest technologies available.


Artificial Intelligence

Replicating intelligent human performance


Internet of Things

Everything connected



Liberate your employees


The last missing piece of the Internet
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Cegeka’s innovation package

Bright people

Computer Science Contest – winners, at country and European level.

Ideas that add value to the bottom line


 We stay relevant and true to the outcome you expect.

Why we do it

As Albert Einstein once said, we cannot solve a problem with the same thinking we used when we created it. That’s why innovation, recurrent analysis and reinventing mindsets are so important for Cegeka.

Your purpose, Cegeka’s challenge, our innovation

Proven process to foster and grow innovative ideas – between your organization and ours.

To meet the increasing expectations and choices

 No impact, no innovation. We do it at the right time, with the right costs

Innovation as a discipline

Just-in-time resources, huge impact (PoC-in-1-week) – We will unlock new business models.


How we do it

Eyes on the business

Our people breathe the latest technologies. It’s in their DNA.

We bring business value to our customers through the latest technologies: Blockchain, AI, RPA.

Pragmatic take on innovation.

People at the center (literally)

Non-Mathematical: People are not numbers. You-novate is about combining thoughts, in the search for excellence.

What we’re made of: Full stack thinkers.

We exchange ideas, not values: We practise what we preach.

Agile touch

We help our customers implement their ideas sooner. Not faster. Quality and live-value are our ultimate goal.

We build in quality from the start.

Why Cegeka?

Our mission and vision overlap – Your ideas matter and we are here to enable them. We help organizations thrive in a world where the rules of the game are constantly changing.


Agile Software Development

Software is eating the world. And in such a world enhanced by software, clean code is one of the fastest ways to increase time-to-market and build in quality from the first line of code. In this e-book we will share the best practices from out agile software factory.

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