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Applied Innovation

Link the right technologies to your goals.
Combine their power for a digital boost.

Get inspired during our workshop!

The added value

Innovation: how, what, why?

Innovative technologies bring new challenges. Today, an agile approach is a must. How can you stay ahead of the latest trends? Which new technologies could be potential gold mines for your business?

Cegeka can help you find the answers, with a major focus on applied innovation. Together we can develop a suitable strategy and determine which technologies would best suit your business context and objectives.

Peter Lathouwers

“Applied innovation is a perfect example of how Cegeka tackles IT projects: feet on the ground, focused on results and in close cooperation with our customers”

Peter Lathouwers, Digital Innovation Leader Cegeka

Make the difference: combine these technologies

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

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Artificial Intelligence


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Innovation Workshop

Discover the power of combinations

In the current digital world, business and technology are changing fast. This makes it difficult for businesses and organizations to keep track. No idea where to start? Struggling to find the right opportunities?

In this workshop we’ll look for new business and customer value together with you. We won’t focus on just one disruptive technology, but we’ll try to find the ideal combinations for your organization. Innovation = combination.

Take the first hurdle to your digital transformation!

Why trust Cegeka?

Focus on added value

Technological trends are often just buzzwords. Our experts go beyond the hype and discover real value for your company.

Strong all-rounder

Standalone technologies are only the start. Thanks to its wide expertise, Cegeka can combine specific technologies and make the most of them.

Defined roadmap

New technologies are introduced quickly into the workflow of your organization with a step-by-step approach.

Extensive network

Cegeka cooperates with several partners in Europe to deliver rock-solid end-to-end solutions.


The world evolves at lightning speed. Innovation is everywhere. 'Innovation' is a publication filled with content about various hot innovation topics.

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