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Fact or fiction? Four statements about blockchain

Blockchain has become a buzzword. Not every story linked to the technology is true, however. We gave blockchain expert Sander van Loosbroek four short statements: are they true or false?

As an entrepreneur you have to dare to make a head start


‘Of course, that’s nothing new. New technological developments that have the potential to disrupt existing market relations – and blockchain is of course a good example of this – deserve extra attention. You have to dare to adopt an entrepreneurial attitude, of course subject to an acceptable risk profile.’

Blockchain is for everyone


‘You will never be entirely sure whether blockchain can help you until you actually experiment with it. Of course, doing so first isn’t easy and can be quite complex. But if you really want to gain an advantage over your competitors or new players, don’t let that stop you. And if it turns out it isn’t the perfect solution, that’s okay too.’

Blockchain is not ready yet


‘Many entrepreneurs are actively engaged in blockchain and have a roadmap. They’re tight-lipped because they don’t want to lose their lead. It is true is that there are no ready-made solutions yet for many sectors. But are you going to wait for them to appear, stop innovating, and simply buy an off-the-shelf solution later like your competitors?’

Sometimes waiting is a good strategy


‘If, after the necessary research, you conclude that blockchain is not ye disturbing your market, it is better to first focus your attention on other technologies. An example? Manufacturers of electric cars will benefit less from blockchain, but more from artificial intelligence that lets their cars drive themselves. In that case it would make sense to focus on AI first.’

CTA Innovation Publication