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Speed is everything in the war for talent

Automate and accelerate your recruitment process

The war for talent rages on. The competition between employment agencies is fierce. More often than not, it’s survival of the quickest. The biggest challenge for employment agencies is getting there first. Need help automating and accelerating your recruiting processes?

We created CombiRecruit to do just that.

3 reasons to choose CombiRecruit

Automate the search for the right profile

Instantly find the right profile for a job opening or the right job for an applicant. By integrating with VDAB and other employment databases, CombiRecruit automates the process of linking jobs and people.

CombiRecruit continuously matches profiles and jobs, gives you a match percentage and allows you to quickly and accurately select the right talent pool.

Get there first and take immediate action

Speed up the recruitment process significantly. CombiRecruit gives you on-the-spot updates on job openings, resumes and potential matches. Take immediate action on job postings, status updates and initial contacts to identify and attract talent – before anyone else does.

CombiRecruit optimizes the speed and efficiency of the recruitment process.

Integrate databases and other systems

Seamlessly integrate CombiRecruit into your workflow. Combine all available databases and link up with any other IT system (like an ERP or ATS). CombiRecruit was built specifically to cater the actual needs and the specific workflow of employment agencies.

Intuitive user experience, swift integration with existing workflows and easy connections with several databases and IT systems.

How CombiRecruit will improve your workflow


  • Discover new or updated applicant profiles immediately

  • Find out if candidates have been contacted yet

  • Determine the next steps in the recruitment process

  • Get match percentages for jobs and profiles

  • Create and share search filters and get updates on new matches

  • Link profiles with existing ATS or ERP systems


  • step 1


    Search: Jobseekers with a specific profile
    Match: Job postings to job seekers and job seekers to job postings
    Manage: Saved filters and follow-up actions

  • step 2


  • step 3

    Change status

    Job seeker status: active/inactive
    Match status: proposed/confirmed/rejected
    Action status: to do/doing/done

  • step 4

    Save feedback

  • step 5

    Plan follow-up action

    Perpetual flow to step 1

What our clients say

“CombiRecruit allows us to find suitable candidates at least three times faster than before. We can now fill more job openings with high-quality candidates in the same timeframe. Combi Recruit is a valuable tool for us and our clients.”

Joke Lybaert, Trixxo.

Why Cegeka?

Our multidisciplinary team combines a broad spectrum of competencies, empowering us to find the best technological solution for your company’s challenges. As both a consultant and application developer, we have the right people and necessary expertise. From development to infrastructure and hosting: we have it all covered – to ensure the continuity of your business.

Speed up and automate your recruitment process

Looking for high-end HR software solutions? Contact us and request a CombiRecruit or Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR demo.

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    Muriel Van Craenenbroeck
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