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Datacenter in a Box

Compact, simple and effective

Multiple sites. Limited IT staffing on-site. And hopeless fragmentation of infrastructure. Why not combine your data centres in a single box?


Datacentre in a Box is a drastic simplification of your IT infrastructure. All of the traditional data centre technologies are integrated in a single box. It’s flexible and agile, so you can act quickly.


Remote management

If you have multiple sites situated in remote locations, IT management can become a costly exercise. Cegeka’s Datacentre in a Box can easily be managed remotely. In addition, on-site employees can easily take over the management themselves.

Proven technology

For Datacentre in a Box, Cegeka has set up strategic partnerships with various first-class suppliers. We use breakthrough solutions such as xHPE Simplivity, SCALE Computing HC3, and Lenovo (x86 servers + storage).


Dare to Outsource

CIOs are increasingly involved in innovation and strategic decision-making. The reason is simple: in these times of digital transformation, IT is what makes or breaks a company. The stakes are high, and CIOs have to come up with solutions fast. You need a lighter load and more bandwidth to get things done right. Outsourcing could be just what you’re looking for.

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Why choose Cegeka?

Track record

Extensive experience in building and managing hyperconverged infrastructure

Datacenter experts

More than 25 years of experience in managing business-critical applications


Cegeka is a partner of HPE, SCALE Computing and Lenovo

What our clients say

UW optimises cooperation with digital work environment

Outdated systems and applications, proliferation of documents and an in-house IT department that no longer met today’s requirements. For UW, a sheltered employment facility based in Utrecht, a transition to a digital working environment was needed

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