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Infrastructure Consultancy

As a CIO, you want IT to create value. More than ever, digital solutions are at the heart of your business. To solve your strategic issues, you have to use IT in a intelligent manner. Our experienced consultants help you to align your IT solutions with your objectives.

Cegeka helps you to ...

Solve problems quickly

A problem can be solved in several ways. Cegeka helps you to quickly simplify complex problems and distil them into a clear concept and vision.

Make the right choices

As soon as your vision of the future has been defined, we will figure out how to get there. We map out your business case together and draw up a well-structured strategy.

Generate support

To implement changes in your organization, you need the support of your people, both from the board room and from the workplace. Cegeka guides you through the entire process.

Create value together?

Topics that Cegeka can help you with:

  • Digital transformation & Industrialisation
  • Business continuity & Disaster recovery
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Storage, Archive, Backup
  • Governance as a service
  • Internet of Things
  • Digital workplace
  • Cyber security
  • Cloud envision
  • Monitoring
  • DevOps

Our four-step approach


We help you to draw up a clear vision and a solid strategy for the future.

Business case

We advise you on the feasibility of concepts, solutions or technologies.


Assignments to create awareness around concepts and solutions.


A detailed evaluation of your environment for a specific topic or concept.


Dare to Outsource

CIOs are increasingly involved in innovation and strategic decision-making. The reason: in these times of digital transformation, IT is what makes or breaks a company. The stakes are high and CIOs have to come up with solutions fast. You need a lighter load and more bandwidth to get things done right. Outsourcing could be just what you’re looking for.

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Why Cegeka?

Experienced consultants

Our experienced business consultants are ideal sparring partners for maximizing the benefits of IT for your organization.

Strategic knowledge

Our architects understand the connections between infrastructure and processes and know how they can contribute to your IT.

Strong track record

Cegeka has extensive knowledge and many years of experience in supporting CIOs with their infrastructure challenges.

What our clients say

UW optimises cooperation with digital work environment

Outdated systems and applications, proliferation of documents and an in-house IT department that no longer met today’s requirements. For UW, a sheltered employment facility based in Utrecht, a transition to a digital working environment was needed

Looking for a consultant to take care of your infrastructure?

Contact us: we will support you with advice and assistance!