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Kristel Demotte is ICT Woman of the Year 2022

We are so proud that our very own Kristel Demotte, Global VP Data Solutions, has been chosen as the new Belgian ICT Woman of the Year 2022 by DataNews.

Kristel has always been firmly committed to changing the gender imbalance in STEM fields and jobs. This amazing award will help her do so in a whole number of new ways that raise awareness and create impact.

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Kristel Demotte - Nominated ICT Woman of The Year

“The number of girls in IT (both in college and professionally) is low, which is a shame given the scarcity of IT skills. I hold a degree in Applied Informatics, and when I was in college, 3 students out of 300 were female. I want women to understand that, as a woman, you are capable of doing anything you set your mind to – the only person that will hold you back is you.”

Kristel Demotte, Global VP Data Solutions at Cegeka

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ICT Woman of the Year 2022 - Kristel Demotte

Kristel Demotte (born in 1982) is Global VP Data Solutions at Cegeka, one of Belgium’s largest independent IT integrators

Primed for a career in marine biology, Kristel ended up choosing IT instead, a domain where she was able to ‘dive’ into her other passion: Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A self-made woman and mother of three, Kristel has created her own career path, taking on a wide variety of ICT roles in quick succession, mainly at Avanade (2003 til 2016), then at Cegeka (2016 up until today).

She knows what it means to be a developer, consultant, project manager, service delivery manager, presales and sales, unit manager, unit director and finally: Global VP.

Kristel combines the best of many worlds: she knows her tech, has a hands-on pragmatic approach and primes herself on a true servant leadership management style: people always come first.

“Be and live your true authentic self” is one of her key principles, and in this she leads by example, exhibiting an energetic passion for data that is inspiring and infectious, not just within her unit, but across the entire organization.

Call for mentors & mentees!

Taking your first steps in the business world is both exciting and intimidating, especially in the tech world.

The Young Potential Boostcamp is a mentorship program to provide engaging, informative experiences and activities to accelerate young women in IT along their path towards a career in technology.

Kristel Demotte, Global VP Data Solutions and ICT Woman of the Year 2022, aims to be a true ambassador for girls and women in IT. 

Kristel ​​​​is convinced that young women can use some extra support to enter and flourish in the tech industry. That's why we have decided to organize the fourth edition of the Young Potential Boostcamp from October 2022 until February 2023. ​

Cegeka is looking for mentors (male and female senior managers) and mentees (women aged between 24 and 30) who would like to join this boostcamp.


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  • Kristel Demotte

    Kristel Demotte
    ICT Woman of the Year 2022