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Membership Organization

Membership organizations are having trouble entering the digital era. New technologies are being launched at lightning speed but you might have difficulties pinpointing how tools like social media and AI could benefit you. However, you've no choice: you need to become indispensable again for your increasingly demanding members.

A centralized, fully integrated membership solution


Analyze your target group with the right tools: investigate the real needs and wishes of your members. Provide them with reasons to join.


Enjoy a 360° view of your members and use this valuable information to serve them in the best possible way.


Involve your members. Be the community they believe in. Ask for their thoughts, suggestions and let them help you drive improvement.


Reduce your churn rate. Our solution will get you the required insights. Provide benefits, empower your members and ensure loyalty.


Have an efficient platform for internal communications between members. Send targeted messages via the right channels.


Offer your members a strong feeling of self-reliance by using self-service portals, chatbots and other innovative technologies.

Our approach?

Our solutions can help you address your pains and changing market dynamics. Together we define the journey of your members and translate it into a futureproof roadmap for your organization. We provide proven skills and techniques applied within other member organizations. Your digital relevancy is our guarantee.

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How to prepare your membership organization for the future?

Membership organizations are struggling to keep up with rapid changes. Innovative business models, free online content and increasingly demanding members are forcing membership organizations to go digital. But where do you start?
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Why Cegeka?


We know the pains and the limitations member organizations are coping with. Our practical approach will guarantee added value.


Cegeka is one of the largest service providers in Belgium and can be seen as an expert when it comes to membership organizations.


As a strategic partner with relevant knowledge and experience, we can provide advice on topics like data intelligence, communications …

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