At Capacity, we consider your privacy very important. We make sure to capture only the essential information to provide you an optimal service. And we make sure to request all customers to always inform you and get your permission when using your personal data. Your data’s protection, confidentiality and integrity is of outmost importance to us.

This privacy statement describes the different aspects of the MyCapacity App in relation to GDPR rules and regulations, explaining which of your data is collected when using our products and services, as well as why we need this data and how we use it.


Customer: The individual or organization owning or operating the mobility hub(s) and paying for the usage of Capacity.

Registered driver: The end user who’s license plates will be registered to make use of the smart parking services.


Data Subject: EU resident or individual in the EU engaging with Capacity, meaning the registered driver in Capacity.

Data controller: The party that determines the purpose (the why) and means (the how) of the processing of personal data. The data controller is the one that bears the end responsibility for GDPR compliance, in our case our customers and renting organizations.

Data processor: The party that processes personal data on behalf of the data controller, meaning the Capacity team at Cegeka.

General description

In general, Capacity is based on Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), which allows us to recognize a car and grant access or exit to drivers that are registered in the system (not the scope for this app) without any manual intervention. To be able to do this, we ask our customers to upload your driver information with the least amount of information necessary, meaning only your license plate(s) and an alternative access method, which includes the MyCapacity app. Other information such as your name and contact number can be provided for better user experience, get access to notifications and other features, but it’s not required. When using the MyCapacity app as alternative access method, your email address is required, since it will be used for you to receive the activation code for the MyCapacity app.

How it works

When your parking location is equipped with the required hardware and software configuration, you will receive an invitation email with the activation code for the app. After enabling the app, you have the possibility to securely control the access to your parking location(s).

The app only works when you are physically close enough to your parking location. When you are not close enough, the app will inform you.

Device and location

To be able to determine if you are close enough to your parking location, you need to enable/approve sharing your location in your phone and app settings. The location is only needed to determine if the remote open buttons should be available for you. It is possible to change those settings, but without it, the app cannot be used.

Personal data

Besides the access via ANPR technology (which is managed outside of the app), MyCapacity app guarantees an alternative access method to a parking location. However, no personal data is stored in the app and there is no need to create a personal account to be able to use it. The app is activated from the Capacity portal, with only the license plate and email address in place. When you use the app close enough to your parking location, it can be used to open the door / gate / barrier. However, the user of the app must have been registered previously in Capacity and given its authorization.

To guarantee GDPR compliance, a written contract between the controller and processor relating to the data processing has to be in place. This is part of the contractual agreements. Written contracts between the customer and the renting organizations, and similar between the renting organization and it’s registered drivers, have to be in place as well.

Data subject rights

According to GDPR as a data subject you are entitled to certain rights. These are explained but not limited to the ones described in this section:

Right of access

As data subject you have the right to obtain insights in all the personal data being processed by Capacity as data controller. In practice, when you want to obtain these details, a request can be made towards the customer. In that case, Capacity will provide the required insights to the customer so it can be provided to you.

Right to rectification

When you, as data subject, notice inaccurate personal data being stored in our platform, you have the right to rectify any wrong information. Be aware also that in essence, all stored data is the responsibility of the renting organization, which means it will need to be corrected through them as well.

Right to erasure (right to be forgotten)

As data subject you have the right to erase all your personal data stored in our system. The request should be made as well through the customer. From there Cegeka will remove the data from the system. As a consequence, however, you will no longer have access to the services provided by Capacity making use of that information.

Additional notes

Without an activation code, this app will not work. Please contact if you require support or need more information.