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My Advanced Security

Digital workplace

We believe bulletproof security should be a given, without compromising on functionality or user experience. That’s why we strive to ensure advanced, compliant and futureproof workplace security based on cloud and standardized products. Our full-scale security approach is founded on four pillars: devices, user identity, applications and data.

Find out how we can secure your workplace without compromises.

Digital workplace security challenges

Dealing with BYOD and external networks

Remote working introduces new security risks. Home networks and external devices have moved the security perimeters from within company walls to every touchpoint.

Enabling cloud security

Data is increasingly being shared within dynamic cloud environments. With Zero Trust as the default state, new security challenges require continuously updated security knowledge.

Staying up-to-date

In a fragmented and continuously evolving landscape of vendors and tools, it’s virtually impossible for your IT manager to keep track of all security risks and stay up to date on compliance and regulations.

Ensuring functional security

You could enclose your IT environment in an impenetrable wall. But the more complex security becomes, the less convenient it is for end users. When functionality decreases, users will find (less secure) ways to deal with it.

Digital workplace security solutions

How do you build a user-friendly digital workplace without compromising on cybersecurity and compliance? What’s the best way to secure all devices used in your digital environment? We have answers.

Our security strategy covers all risk domains and is based on four pillars:

Endpoint (device) security

End-user (identity) security

Application security

Data security


Reducing complexity, risks and costs.

With My Advanced Security, we guarantee the built-in, fully integrated security of your workplace to ensure business continuity under any circumstances:

End-to-end protection against every step in the kill chain

Fully integrated with workplace functionalities

Based on Microsoft 365 E5 Security Suite

No compromise on functionality

Why Cegeka?

24/7 security

Thanks to our scale, we can offer customers 24/7 security. By managing, detecting and responding to security breaches around the clock, we ensure business continuity.

Microsoft Elite Partner

As a Microsoft Elite Partner, we implement Microsoft’s cost-efficient E5, E3 and Sentinel security solutions.

End-to-end security

Cegeka offers end-to-end solutions and in-house security expertise. We apply the most advanced security measures through a detect, response and recover approach and our own Security Operation Center.

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    Bart Swerts
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