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My Experience

Digital workplace

Happy employees: that’s what every company strives for – because happy employees are more engaged and more productive. A digital workplace is a great step towards boosting employee satisfaction, provided it ensures the ultimate employee experience. Through My Experience, Cegeka offers a four-pronged approach – equipment, platform, teamwork and support – to achieve just that.

Facilitate change to let employees thrive.

Digital workplace challenges

Creating a good user experience

The success of the digital workplace hinges on the user experience. Striking the right balance between bulletproof security, maximum functionality and optimal end user experience is a major challenge.

Stimulating user adoption in digital times

Perhaps the biggest challenge when implementing a digital workplace is changing the mindset of employees, stimulating user adoption and installing the right change culture. A digital workplace is only successful if employees are willing and able to use it correctly.

Enabling a truly hybrid office

Employees expect to work whenever and wherever they want using the devices they prefer. From Mac to Windows and beyond, you need to support every device and tool available.

Discover our My Experience solution package

Cegeka offers solutions to increase employee happiness and engagement by creating the ultimate digital workplace experience. With self-service and collaboration tools that are actually used, and the best service and personal support whenever you need it. But implementing the right tools and technologies is just the first step in your digital transformation. Our end-to-end approach is based on four essential pillars that aim to ensure optimal adoption of your digital workplace. We offer these pillars as standalone services, or as a full-scale, end-to-end approach.

My Productivity

The key to increasing productivity are streamlined business processes. With best practices concerning collaboration (document sharing, supporting processes), information streams and workplace lifecycle automation, you enable employees and your business to thrive.

My Change Process

People are naturally averse to change. That’s why strategically supported change management is absolutely essential when it comes to implementing the digital workplace. You’ll need a personal approach that suits your unique organization and employees. Identify the target audience, customize your approach and pace, and define objectives and timings with clear communication. The ultimate goal? To show end users what’s in it for them.

My Onboarding & Learning

How do you onboard new colleagues and engage your team to embrace the new way of working? How do you make sure employees use digital workplace tools the right way? Through in-depth learning sessions, partnerships and video platforms, we ensure optimal onboarding and user adoption.

My Assistant

Bots are finding their way into the workspace, intelligently automating tasks and unburdening employees. But how do you successfully implement assistant solutions? Communicate authentically and proactively and strike a balance between efficiency and user experience. Bots should not be viewed as a replacement but as an addition to your team.

Why Cegeka?

In close cooperation

We attract the very best people who understand your business and work empathically and in close cooperation with your team.

End-to-end offering

Our approach is based on three key components: technology, business and end users. We offer each element as a standalone service, or together as an end-to-end solution.

Full-scale approach

Benefit from Cegeka’s scaled services to ensure your continuity and cost efficiency. Rely on our support services to maximize the user experience.

Digital workplace expertise

Our 350 dedicated digital workplace experts have deep experience with multiple applications.

Create your digital workplace and empower your employees

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  • Bart Swerts

    Bart Swerts
    Product Manager Digital Workplace