A truly connected food company with Ctrl + Food

    Ctrl + Food is Cegeka’s end-to-end solution for companies in the food manufacturing industry, helping your organization to become truly connected by optimizing operations, engaging customers, and empowering employees – today and tomorrow.

    Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as a base, Cegeka supplies the tools to transform your industry-specific challenges into opportunities, right at your fingertips.


    What can Ctrl + Food do for you?

    • Upskill your agility to introduce new products faster and to be in line with the never-ending changes in regulations, customer demands and product variations. Stay ahead of the market and face expectations that have grown beyond the quality of food – efficiently and effectively.
    • Deliver useful insights into product efficiency, margins, and investments with a comprehensive view over your financial and operational activities to drive operational excellence.
    • Optimize the supply chain - from field to fork - with a powerful industry-tailored solution, improving efficiency within the processes of your organization.

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    Ctrl + Food

    Optimize operations, engage customers and empower employees – today and tomorrow.

    Become a connected FOOD company

    What does Ctrl + Food consist of? 


    Ctrl + Food combines business software with industry specific processes, insights, and a proven methodology to connect your food company with great returns. 


    • Business software
      Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the core of our Ctrl + Food-solution. Depending on your company’s needs, size, and international exposure, we offer Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Dynamics 365 Business Central, both enriched by our own FoodApps to better align with the requirements of the food industry.
    • Industry specific processes

      With over 500 Best Practice Processes adressed, including those specific to the food industry, Ctrl + Food will give the means to accelerate your business, assure quality, supply full documantations, and optimize processes from A to Z.


    • Industry specific dashboards
      Ctrl + Food includes more than 75 dashboards specific for your industry, offering out-of-the-box insights out of your data. Dashboards include, but are not limited to: Sales Actuals versus Forecast, Customer Payments/Profitability, Contract Fulfilment, Delivery Performance, Stock Expiry and many more.



    • Methodology
      Using a proven method, Cegeka can implement Ctrl + Food in a controlled manner that is transparent and predictable, professional and proven, and above all, collaborative and in control for the customer.


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