Become a connected company – let’s get started - ERP


Connected companies are always up to any challenge – harnessing the power of data to optimize operations, engage with customers and empower employees. But how and where to start this journey? Here at Cegeka we’re keen to share our knowledge, let you in on best (and worst) practices, and showcase some amazing yet quite feasible innovations. Join us in our mission to propel businesses into tomorrow!

Align your moves: agree on a roadmap and budget

Why agree on a roadmap and budget?  ERP is more than an IT project – it’s a long-term strategy....
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Get digital and innovate to transform in pharma and life sciences

Part 3: Digitalization and innovation  Just as nerve cells control the body, innovative software...
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The challenges of a growing business in pharma and life sciences

Part 2: Growth and Scalability  The exponential growth of life sciences companies  Imagine a...
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How to manage regulatory compliance in pharma and life sciences?

Part 1: Managing regulatory compliance Regulatory challenges 1. Increasing compliance pressure Any...
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What's new for Finance & Operations in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2?

Release wave 2 is finally here! Starting from October 2022, Microsoft will introduce a host of new...
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Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the heavily-regulated Pharma & Life Sciences industry: is it possible?

Of course, it can. Epista, our partner in compliancy and validation, believes Dynamics 365 Finance...
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What's new for Business Central in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Release Wave 2?

Starting in October 2022, release wave 2 is introducing a number of significant improvements to...
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Shall we dance? Select your ERP partner

Getting attuned: what are the qualities of an ideal ERP partner? First things first: when selecting...
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Techsplained: Customer Insights

What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? A Customer Data Platform – or CDP for short – is a database...
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