Face the challenges of an uncertain world with composable applications

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Toon Martens - Director Application Modernization at Cegeka

Today’s world is becoming more uncertain than ever. Change is becoming the only constant nowadays, with unpredictable events disrupting your business.

Only with resilience and agility is your organization future-proof and ready for all these changes. A composable application landscape gives you the right instruments to tackle your challenges.

In this 13-minute webinar, we’ll discuss the challenges that you are facing and explain how composable applications will help you through them.


  • Learn about the major challenges organizations are facing nowadays.
  • Explore the delicate balance between resilience and agility and how to achieve this with composable applications.
  • Get an insight into the four aspects you need to get right to make the promise of composable applications a reality.
  • Learn which IT architecture is just right for your organisation to get started with composable applications.
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of processes such as Agile, DevSecOps and Everything As Code.
  • Understand the continuous journey of your changing organization.


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