Get more from your data with a Cloud First approach

Webinar Data Cloud First Approach with Dominique Dhaenens CTA_webinar_data_cloudFirstApproach_1024x512px_EN

People have been saying it for years. Data is the new gold – and companies are sitting on a goldmine. Your business generates a mountain of information, gathered from all kinds of sources: IT systems, sensors, devices, external media sources and more. Link these to create valuable insights.

This kind of data analysis used to be a complex and time-consuming activity, but times have changed. Today, intelligent cloud systems provide centralized data storage, connecting the dots and giving you a chance to see the whole picture with ease.

And that’s where Cegeka comes in! Our data architects are ready to help you explore the advantages of a cloud-first approach, taking you on a journey that will change your view on data forever.

What can you expect?

  • Learn how to avoid complex data silos and how to bring all your data together in one easy-to-use hub
  • Move your data warehouse to the cloud with low TCO and discover the benefits of Azure data services
  • Discover the most common obstacles of a cloud transition and how to overcome them

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