Marketing/PR professional

Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Job title: Marketing/PR professional

We are looking for a dynamic personality with entrepreneurial spirit, ambition to find new ways and motivation to achieve results.

What is your mission?

  1. Employeer Branding activity – Facebook, LinkedIn, Instragram, Yoiutube & etc.
  2. Generate potential customers through:
    • Placené reklamy (Google, FB)
    • SEO
    • Innovation Breakfasts, Agile/Cloud Transition breakfasts
    • Articles in Paid Media
  3. Communication / Press Releases on behalf of Cegeka CZ

Who are we looking for?

Practice in marketing for at least two years, ideally in ICT or similar fields, solid orientation in ICT, especially in outsourcing, infrastructure, service and other services and delivery of application SW and fluent English. Furthermore, excellent communication and presentation skills, inventiveness and creativity, ability to think out of box. We expect a reliable, active, resourceful, optimistic and assertive person who is always able to learn and improve.

What can you offering?

Independent, diverse and creative work with a high degree of self-assertion and self-realization, support and background of advanced technology company, motivating financial conditions, cooperation on HPP or IČO, spectrum of employee benefits, knowledge support of the whole company team and its wider environment (parent company in Belgium) boarding agreement.

Recruitment process


Role selection

Choose the position you are interested in and send us your CV.



Our HR Specialist will contact you to discuss the position details. Afterwards follows an invitation for an interview. For some roles, a test of expertise is also part of the interview.



After a successful interview/test of your expertise you will receive a job offer. Welcome to Cegeca!