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Advanced Production Planning, Scheduling & Optimization

myPlan4.0 speeds up your ERP by reducing production planning time. It allows you to quickly assess problems and opportunities by simulating the effect of possible decisions so that you can choose those that lead to higher production efficiency, lower inventory level and on time deliveries to customers.


Advanced Planning, Scheduling & Optimization Software

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Advanced Planning

Calculate material and resource requirements in a few seconds starting from budgets, sales forecasts and customer orders. The planning parameters can be calculated and kept up-to-date in an optimal way based on the level of the desired service, the cost and the regularity characteristics of the demand of the individual materials. Thanks to the full pegging capabilities, you can immediately identify the problems and the criticality of the feasibility of production plans and orders and reliably schedule customer orders.

Demand Driven MRP

myPlan allows you to create sales forecasts of finished products, with the possibility of extending their use to the consumption forecasts of semi-finished products or raw materials. Starting from the historical data of sales or consumption, purifying data from particular events such as promotional campaigns or anomalous sales, the sales forecasts are processed using different statistical methods. For each article or product family the best method is identified in order to minimize the forecast error.


Define the production program in detail by scheduling the individual operations according to the delivery constraints, production capacities, material availability and taking into account the priorities defined at commercial level. Choose between different types of scheduling: interactive, automatic or mixed; depending on the company needs, it is possible to evaluate which option is most effective. The automatic mode uses algorithms based on rules and priorities that can be set by the user and it also considers the production constraints of machines, labor and tools and the availability of materials.


Define the goal function, combining delivery needs, resource efficiency, stock level. Set capacity constraints, operator skills, tools and the necessary materials. myPlan uses the most advanced constraint programming techniques to find the solution that maximizes the chosen goal function in compliance with the specified constraints. These techniques can be applied both to the planning ( of the quantities to be produced and of the production capacity) and to the scheduling of the operations.

Business Intelligence

In addition to planning, scheduling and optimization, myPlan provides powerful business intelligence and reporting capabilities built through Microsoft Power BI

Data flow

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Advanced Planning Features

Capacity & Materials Interactive Planning

  • Fast MRP
  • Fast CRP
  • Dynamic Full Pegging
  • Configuration of planning profiles
  • Simulation of alternative production plans
  • Aggregated Planning
  • Simultaneous measurement units planning (pieces,, hours, shifts, ..)
  • MRP / CRP by date / time
  • Multi-site and multi-warehouse planning
  • Manage calendars by site and machine
  • Shelf life management
  • Management polices for item and family (MTO, ATO, MTS, DDMRP)
  • Finite capacity planning on bottlenecks
  • Optimal calculation of parameters such as lot and safety stock
  • Safety stocks variable over time
  • Best fit forecasting

Demand Driven MRP Features

Lean Production Planning

  • Identification of decoupling points
  • Calculation of the "Decoupled Lead Time"
  • Calculation of the variability of demand and supply
  • Calculation of average consumption, past or expected in the future
  • Calculation of qualified demand
  • Calculation of stock levels "Top of Green, Yellow, Red"
  • Time update of stock levels
  • Seasonality management
    Management of promotional campaigns
  • Determination of the "Net Flow Position"
  • Issue of planned orders for DDMRP articles
  • MRP explosion of the planned orders DDMRP
  • Determination of order priorities
  • Alert signals
  • Definition of stock targets
  • Simulation of DDMRP buffers

Scheduling Features

Advanced Production Scheduling

  • Definition of calendars by machine and operators
  • Management of set up times by attribute or matrix
  • Selection of orders / phases to be scheduled
  • Drag & Drop Gantt technics  
  • Order sequencing based on heuristics
  • Calculation of delivery and assets utilization performancies
  • Management of splits and changes to order quantities
  • Modifications to the scheduled plan in tabular or Gantt form
  • Highlighting on the Gantt chart of delivery delays, lack of materials, set up
  • Fast change to the productive capacity of resources
  • Comparison of scheduling alternatives
  • Gantt per machine, per order, per order / phase

Optimization Features

Advanced Production Optimization

  • Use of constraints bases on linear programming 
  • Definition of alternative resources for article/phase/family
  • Definition of maximum permissible increases in capacity per resource
  • Objective function of capacity utilization
  • Calculation of production capacities necessary for resource that optimize the objective function
  • Definition of the objective order scheduling function
  • Definition of the weights to be attributed to punctual deliveries, resource saturation, set up
  • Calculation of start and end dates and assigned resources that optimize the goal function
  • Management of frozen horizons
  • Management of the constraints to be considered (overlapping orders and phases, materials, tools, operator skills, interruptibility of the phases, skills of the operators, ...)

Cegeka myPlan

Specs Sheet

Integrated with:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365 for Operation 
  • Microsoft Dynamics Nav and Business Central
  • Cegeka SPACEnet
  • Many other ERP via data import/export module
  • Ability to use data through Excel sheets without connection to the ERP


WebApp developt in ASP.NET Core

Database SQLServer, SQLAzure or any other type of relational database (ADO,ODBC)

Powerful engine developed in C++, run as a 64-bit Windows service. 

In cloud with WebApp and Database in PAAS mode, IAAS calculation engine on Virtual Machine.

On premises with WebApp, Database and engine installed on one or more servers in the company intranet.