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Dynamics 365 | HR

How do you recruit the right people and optimize their careers? With Dynamics 365 Human Resources, Microsoft's all-in-one HRM package, that’s how!

What is Dynamics 365 Human Resources?

How do you find the perfect employee? Can you trust someone just because they talk the talk? How do you ensure a seamless onboarding process? What steps should you take next to prepare your new hire for success?

Dynamics 365 Human Resources is a modern HRM solution that manages the entire life cycle of your employees. It offers your organization the tools it needs to recruit the best candidates and accelerate their success. Treating people as VIPs from the very first contact allows them to demonstrate their value and further develop their careers.

Manage the entire life cycle of your employees

Hire the right people

The competition to hire the best talent is merciless. Take control of the recruitment process with Microsoft Dynamics Human Resources and use Attract to find, involve, select and invite the best people for an interview.

Prepare your employees

Ensure that new employees are welcomed, connected and successful with Dynamics Human Resources Use 'Onboard' to quickly prepare new team members and reduce impact time.

Create a connected experience

Offers your employees all essential HR capabilities from one central location. From there, they can streamline processes and create programs to optimize personnel costs and make an impact on the business.

Why choose Cegeka?

To automate your company's HR processes, you can count on us for in-depth HR process knowledge. In addition, we have years of experience in supporting software to streamline the processes and have comprehensive IT knowledge, making Dynamics 365 Human Resources a part of the total application landscape.

In short: Cegeka is the one-stop-shop for your HR department. With over 15 years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics, we are a partner with in-depth knowledge you can rely on.

Dynamics 365 Human Resources: why?


Everyone can cooperate in the best possible manner with access to the same uniform data. In other words, you get rid of information silos.

Available anywhere and anytime

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Dynamics 365 is scalable, can be up and running in no time at all, and is available 24/7 everywhere.


Dynamics 365 Human Resources breathes the Microsoft look and feel. The familiar navigation ensures a faster learning curve.

Increased productivity

Dynamics 365 Human Resources integrates seamlessly with well-known Microsoft applications such as Outook, Excel and Word.

Proven technology

The basis of Dynamics 365 has existed for more than 20 years and guarantees access to the latest technologies.

Integration with LinkedIn

Connect effortlessly to the world's largest talent platform, saving you time and allowing you to manage candidates more effectively.

Is your current HRM solution outdated, complex and difficult to scale?

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