Go a step further than traditional BI: More resources, more speed, more insight

This strategic guide explains in detail how and where Cegeka BI quickly creates value

CBI Strategic Guide CBI Strategic Guide

From raw data to usable, relevant insights that are standard throughout your company, that is the purpose of Cegeka BI Suite (CBI).

But what are the concrete advantages of Cegeka BI compared to other data intelligence solutions? And how does our solution help your organization to gain more valuable insights faster?

What can you expect?

This is how Cegeka BI helps you to quickly create value :

  • Gain clear insight into stock, production, quality , administration and purchase and sales figures
  • Get actionable insights from day one thanks to handy templates
  • Create clear standards that can be used throughout your entire company
  • Integrate data from your Microsoft ERP, historical data and various other sources
  • Rely on structured management and much faster data extraction.

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