Cegeka Business Solutions and cegeka-dsa join forces

To increase our focus on an accelerated growth of Cegeka’s Dynamics 365 business, Cegeka creates a dedicated entity Cegeka Business Solutions. This entity is the merger of the former Cegeka Business Solutions division within the group and cegeka-dsa as of January 1st, 2021. Merging the two organizations is a logical step forward. 'Both focus 100% on Microsoft Dynamics business solutions, both share the same knowledge areas and both deliver the same added value: digitizing customers' mission-critical processes based on Microsoft D365,' Stijn Bijnens, Cegeka's CEO, says. The revamped Cegeka Business Solutions will be headed by CEO Anton Vreugdenhil and COO Arno Visser.

With Cegeka Business Solutions and cegeka-dsa joining forces, Cegeka aspires to become a top five Microsoft Business Partner, initially on a European scale. 'Thanks to the combined knowledge of more than 550 employees, spread across Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria and Italy, the company will not only provide services, but will also add value by developing its own solutions. As a new company, we are more agile to achieve growth independently. We aim for strong growth both organically and through acquisitions,' says CEO Anton Vreugdenhil.

Cegeka Business Solutions wants to strengthen its business model and propositions by creating solutions for specific markets and by further internationalizing its services. 'Product expertise has been an integral part of cegeka-dsa for many years. In addition, cegeka-dsa has the ambition to gradually become a player in the commercial and international real estate market. Cegeka Business Solutions can help cegeka-dsa to take this next step. In short, this is a merger driven by strength, future oriented, and focused on growth,' Vreugdenhil explains.

Cegeka Business Solutions will continue to operate under the wings of the Cegeka Group.