Cegeka Nederland has appointed Frank Voskeuil as Division Director Cyber Security. Before joining Cegeka he worked at KPMG for nine years, as Senior Manager in the Risk & Regulatory domain and as Alliance Director Netherlands for IBM.

"Recent examples of data leaks, phishing and ransomware show that cyber security has become an inevitable part of our society. With the position that Cegeka occupies as an end-to-end digitization partner in the Netherlands, we also invest in high-quality services in the field of security. In doing so, we look broader than just compliance issues. Everything needed to make networks, systems and the people who use them work safely, forms an integral part of security. With the knowledge and experience that Frank Voskeuil brings, I am convinced that he is the right man to lead this division in the Netherlands." 

Karim HenkensKarim Henkens , Managing Director Netherlands, DACH and Nordics.
“The world of our customers is changing rapidly. Legislation is becoming stricter and IT systems are ever more complex. Users want more freedom and convenience such as 
Frank Voskeuil
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and working from home, which -due t
o COVID-19- has even become an obligation. Threats from within and outside the organization to disrupt the continuity of the organization and its data integrity are becoming ever greater and more real. This presents organizations with major challenges, especially in the area of (cyber) security.
Cegeka assists customers with their cyber resilience, to take the right risk-based steps and to grow in maturity, all against a background of governance and compliance. I see a trend in which companies with a healthy and balanced risk appetite want "value for money". Standardization, automation and artificial intelligence will play an important role, matters of which as an end-to-end provider Cegeka has knowledge and experience. I look forward to a fruitful collaboration with existing and new relations in this area!”
Frank Voskeuil, Division Director Cyber Security

Frank Voskeuil sold his company to KPMG in 2011, where he landed in the Risk & Regulatory domain. Preventive and reactive forensic services in the field of Cyber Security also resided in this domain. He was also the KPMG Alliance Director Netherlands for IBM for three years.