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Smart Parking for Business Parks

Start optimizing your parking assets today

Parking is crucial for the success of any business park. Yet, how do you ensure that employees and visitors can easily find a parking space? How can you help facility managers, security guards, receptionists and tenants smoothly operate and manage the parking spaces and all administration involved? How do you make sure that your parking business model remains future-proof?

Cegeka has a very clear vision on the mobility of the future, which we have bundled in the Capacity Platform: a smart solution that facilitates user-friendly parking experiences and smooth, cost-effective operations in business parks.

Why embrace a smart parking solution?

Cut costs

1. Cut operational costs

More than causing frustration for operators and facility managers, traditional parking spaces come with high operational costs. Moreover, the lack of integration and centralization of software, hardware and processes makes it difficult to gather data and insights – which facility managers need for easy operational management, accurate invoicing and smart decision-making.

As the Capacity Platform raises efficiency and helps you set up and manage all your parking facilities centrally and from the cloud, it enables you to decrease operational costs. Moreover, it provides real-time insight into useful metrics to help you optimize the use of your parking space.


2. Maximize return on investment

Parking spaces don’t come cheap. It’s key to make the best possible use of the parking capacity you have in order to realize value from the parking structure. Is an assigned parking space empty because an employee works from home, is traveling or is ill? Allow others to take advantage of the free space. Or why not monetize your parking space by renting it out for an event or by enabling other types of visitors on the weekend to use parking spaces that are reserved for office workers on weekdays?

The Capacity Platform allows you to manage and change capacity and access rules from the cloud in real time.

Customer experience

3. Make employees and visitors happy: ensure an outstanding parking experience

From a lack of parking spaces to car park gates that refuse service: many businesses experience parking problems that may hamper their reputations, both as employers or as companies in general. After all, employees who have to search for a parking spot near their workplace every day get frustrated. Visitors who have to hunt for a spot in the parking facility will be annoyed before they come in to join your meeting. So, how can you remove the friction from the parking experience and provide your employees and visitors with exceptional parking experiences?

Smooth entry and exit via ‘smart’ rules and automatic number plate recognition, easy product management and the possibility of opening up capacity to a wider public: the Capacity Platform has it all covered.

Make life easy

4. Make life easy for facility managers, security guards, receptionists and tenants

The operation, maintenance and management of a parking facility is time consuming and critical. Complex software, maintenance-intensive hardware and failing barriers or ANPR cameras are recurring frustrations for facility managers, security guards, receptionists and tenants. While there is a growing array of tools and solutions on the market to help, these are hard to integrate, making the toolset complex to manage.

 The Capacity Platform helps you set up and manage all your parking facilities centrally. This allows operators to handle their core responsibilities swiftly and efficiently without wasting time on avoidable and frustrating tasks.


5. Prepare for the changing face of parking: break out of your shell

Mobility is changing fast. While business parks have been overly reliant on cars, they might need to evaluate the potential of providing alternative commuting methods. Young people are less interested in owning cars than their parents. Will that make car parks redundant? Not if they can be converted into mobility hubs that accommodate new types of transportation. By teaming up with ecosystem partners and meeting new demands with offerings like e-vehicle charging stations, parking for micromobility like e-bikes and e-scooters and pick-up/drop-off zones, you can make sure your parking space remains desirable for tenants in the future.

The Capacity Platform integrates the insights and experience of our mobility experts. It allows you to explore new areas of revenue by liaising with partners in a mobility ecosystem that benefits all.

Capacity platform

Start monetizing your parking assets today

The Capacity Platform is a cloud-based platform solution, that enables you to turn your existing car park asset into a smart(er) car parks and ultimately, a profitable mobility hub. Capacity is hardware agnostic and able to bring together state-of-the-art technology and partners into a single ecosystem. Capacity is built with people-centricity top-of-mind.

Capacity platform Capacity platform

Easy-to-use multi-tenant software

The Capacity Platform enables you and your tenants to manage several parking assets with a maximum of insight and a minimum of fuss. Features include:

  • Mobility Hub Management
    Set up and manage all your parking facilities centrally (opening hours, number and type of parking spots, e-charging stations etc.);
  • Capacity Management
    Manage the capacity of all your parking facilities for all of your tenants and visitors;
  • Access Management
    Control access for all of your parking facilities by means of easy-to-set-up ‘smart’ rules and ANPR-based entry/exit;
  • Tenant Management
    Manage rental agreements per tenant, and allow tenants to manage and organise their own parking spaces;
  • Product Management
    Define and manage your own parking products either in a rental agreement format for your tenants or short term parking based for unknown or sporadic visitors;
  • Customer Assistance
    Get 360 degree information per each parking session at your facilities and have the possibility to execute multiple operational services remotely (such as starting or closing a session and opening the barrier)
  • Data Intelligence
    Get insight into occupancy rates, duration of parking sessions and other useful metrics per location and/or per tenant or driver types/parking spot types.

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