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Smart Parking


Why your campus needs Smart Parking

Reduce operational costs

‘Old school’ parking systems are often fragmented and managed de-centrally: each parking asset is an IT island. Hardware is usually high-maintenance and rapidly outdated. Running several parking assets comes with high operational costs.

The Capacity Platform enables you to decrease hardware spend and manage operations centrally, for all assets. 

Eliminate troubleshooting

Running a car park involves excessive ‘on the fly’ troubleshooting for facility managers and reception desk employees. Buggy software, malfunctioning hardware and faltering ANPR cameras are recurring frustrations.

The Capacity Platform helps you and your tenants focus on their core job swiftly and efficiently, and not waste time on avoidable and frustrating tasks.

 Put people in the driver’s seat

Parking a car should be a breeze, not an obstacle course. You want people to find your parking asset easily, enter and exit easily, pay easily. If need be, you want to make it easy for them to hop on to other modes of transport.

The Capacity Platform is built with people ‘top of mind’. It helps them get from A to B with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of comfort.

Capacity platform

Start monetizing your parking assets today

The Capacity Platform is a cloud-based platform solution, that enables you to turn your existing car park asset into a smart(er) car parks and ultimately, a profitable mobility hub. Capacity is hardware agnostic and able to bring together state-of-the-art technology and partners into a single ecosystem. Capacity is built with people-centricity top-of-mind.

Capacity platform Capacity platform

Easy-to-use multi-tenant software

The Capacity Platform enables you and your tenants to manage several parking assets with a maximum of insight and a minimum of fuss. Features include:

  • Mobility Hub Management
    Set up and manage all your parking facilities centrally (opening hours, number and type of parking spots, e-charging stations etc.);
  • Capacity Management
    Manage the capacity of all your parking facilities for all of your tenants and visitors;
  • Access Management
    Control access for all of your parking facilities by means of easy-to-set-up ‘smart’ rules and ANPR-based entry/exit;
  • Tenant Management
    Manage rental agreements per tenant, and allow tenants to manage and organise their own parking spaces;
  • Product Management
    Define and manage your own parking products either in a rental agreement format for your tenants or short term parking based for unknown or sporadic visitors;
  • Customer Assistance
    Get 360 degree information per each parking session at your facilities and have the possibility to execute multiple operational services remotely (such as starting or closing a session and opening the barrier)
  • Data Intelligence
    Get insight into occupancy rates, duration of parking sessions and other useful metrics per location and/or per tenant or driver types/parking spot types.

Debunking the myths of Smart Mobility

On-demand webinar

In this webinar, we will give useful insights about the future of mobility: which megatrends are impacting mobility as we know it, what are the possibilities of technology and when can we expect them. 

Watch webinar

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