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Application Development and Maintenance

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Your core business is the heart and soul of your company. Reducing costs, increasing acces to resources, business transformation and better core focus are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing your applications to Cegeka.

Top 7 reasons to outsource

Cost Reduction


Cost reduction
Business Transformation


Business transformation
Focus on business


Focus on core business
Financial Flexibility


More financial flexibility
Access to resources


Access to resources
More transparancy on costs


More transparance on costs
Improvement of service quality


Improvement of service quality



Save money

We help you realize total cost savings that raise the value of your IT delivery.

Free up resources

Having us manage your applications frees up your own personnel for innovation.

Remain flexible

We align with your company to envision customer expectations that remain flexible even as your business evolves.

Be agile

We promise consistency, continuity, agility and high availability.

Stay in control

Stay in control and enhance your business while we focus on outsourced operations.

Know what happens next

Our clear communication and skilled escalation process prioritization enables proactive management.

Four steps to more core focus, stronger business values and future-proof applications

1 - Due Dilligence

We work with you to map your entire application landscape, including all processes that are affected by it.

2 - Onboarding

Using the application landscape map, we place the right processes and further support, manage, maintain and, if needed, transform existing applications.

3 - Stabilisation

Alongside the solution architect, we implement an architectural solution to ensure that the platform is always aligned with your business needs.

4 - Continuous Improvement

We will further develop and optimize your platform in combination with testing and validation services to ensure that we are working in a continuous service improvement lifecycle.

A complete application outsourcing solutions architect

Managed Services

Managed Services

When you invest in Cegeka’s managed IT services, you can rest assured that your systems will be properly designed, maintained and supported – regardless of the effort needed for us to achieve the perfect results.

Legacy Transformation

Legacy Transformation

With our legacy transformation service, we aim to retain and extend the value of your original investment by migrating it to new platforms.

Delivering the best in development and maintenance

Business to IT link

Our Center of Excellence ensures the business to IT link by defining the best blueprint for aligned managed services.

Knowledge sharing

Our best practices and tools for knowledge sharing help you capture and leverage knowhow in the most efficient manner.

Demand management

Changes in business operations cause fluctuations in demand. We enable flexible IT resource management to level out demand peaks.

Flexible sourcing model

Our flexible sourcing model offers a variety of solutions to meet the daily demands on your IT capacity.

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