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Blockchain Starter Kit

Blockchain Starter Kit

This Starter Kit comprises a wide range of links, videos, blogs, diagrams, ideas and visions that will boost your blockchain knowledge. We also explain how you can use the technology to your advantage.

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In 1 week, our experts will develop a Proof of Concept (PoC)

A simple but working blockchain application. This allows you discover the added value of blockchain in a rapid, critical, targeted and budget-friendly manner:

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Blog posts

Three misconceptions around blockchain

There are a lot of false stories circulating about blockchain. The following three misconceptions must be eliminated as a matter of urgency.

Bitcoin ARKit: payment demo

Blockchain promises a future where all transactions can be logged, viewed and monitored in real time. Keeping track of profit and loss statements, incoming and outgoing transactions and reporting requirements is a daunting challenge these days.

8 pitfalls of blockchain

The possibilities of blockchain are almost endless. But watch out: that does not mean you can thoughtlessly throw yourself into a blockchain adventure!