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Blockchain is the last missing piece of the Internet. Blockchain allows us to exchange value with each other in a reliable manner. Industries, companies, institutions, public authorities and individuals: we believe everyone will benefit. Cegeka separates fact from fiction and becomes a true partner for your company throughout this adventure.

Focus on inspiration

Before you can bring the benefits of blockchain to your company, you need to have a clear understanding of the technology. Cegeka offers trainings that explain blockchain in such a way that gets everyone on board – from IT to sales staff. We provide instructive examples of blockchain cases to help you experience its possibilities in practice.

We will also teach you how to detect blockchain opportunities within your company. Together we will identify the requirements and map the opportunities. At the end of the training, you will not only know what blockchain is, but also how the technology can bring added value to your organization.

Proof of Concept:
Focus on innovation

We use the insights gathered during the training to build a use case, i.e. an experiment that shows how blockchain can take a specific process to the next level. The blockchain project we develop will complement your current way of working.

What does this experiment look like? In 1 week, our experts will develop a Proof of Concept, a simple but working blockchain application. This allows you to discover and validate the added value and to evaluate whether blockchain is the right solution for the process you want to innovate and the objectives you have.

Discover our offering: PoC-in-1-week

Application Development:
Focus on implementation

You have identified one or several interesting blockchain opportunities. We will evaluate the possibilities and help you to turn your use case into a Minimum Viable Product. This provides a great opportunity for quantifying the real benefits:

  • What value does optimization of your services create?
  • Which new and interesting business opportunities emerge?
  • How much does this actually reduce existing costs?

Why work with Cegeka

Blockchain pioneer

Cegeka has been working with blockchain since 2015 and has experimented with many blockchain projects and even put elements into production. This makes Cegeka one of Europe’s blockchain pioneers.

Full package

Thanks to our experienced and reputable business partners, Microsoft and KPMG, Cegeka can offer a comprehensive blockchain service, from idea to hosting.

Proven expertise

Our team consists of 10 in-house blockchain experts. We have already achieved great results in blockchain projects for KBC and Amsterdam Trade Bank.

Close cooperation

Our motto in close cooperation is not just idle talk. Cegeka guarantees excellent knowledge of the business, agile cooperation and continuous support.


In 1 week, our experts will develop a Proof of Concept (PoC)

A simple but working blockchain application. This allows you to discover the added value of blockchain in a rapid, critical, targeted and budget-friendly manner:

Discover our offering: PoC-in-1-week