Networking, Storage & Virtualization

Cegeka has a very dynamic and diverse enterprise storage, networking and virtualization landscape, with systems from all known suppliers. We serve customers from sectors such as finance, aviation etc. Most environments run in their own tier 3 datacenters in Belgium and the Netherlands, others on customers’ premises.


Hands-on from A - Z

Customers make use of the services that we deliver, to implement and integrate IT infrastructures, managed services, user support, desktop management, technical support and consultancy. 

Our teams are responsible for a large shared infrastructure as well as dedicated infrastructures. We work in a international setup with colleagues from Belgium and Netherlands to ensure the quality of the services is at the highest level.

Networking, Storage & Virtualization jobs

The Storage team takes care of all the aspects of storage management: from initial configuration to provisioning, administration, support, upgrades, disaster recovery testing, migration, and finally, the decommissioning of a system. The palette includes our multi-petabyte shared SAN environment with thousands of SAN ports, as well as our NAS and Object Storage platform. We are also developing our own storage automation framework.


In close cooperation with our storage experts we have our Network&Security Specialists who cover the: routing, switching and security areas, with all technical flavors (firewalling, VPN, Proxy, Load Balancing, Wireless, Authentication Systems). In the day to day operations, their focus is on Cisco solution, at the same time being exposed to Juniper, Checkpoint, PaloAlto, Fortinet.


As we deliver an end to end solution to our customers, part of this delivery is provided by the Virtualization team. They are responsible for around 10 000 VM's using VMware technologies alongside some quite large dedicated infrastructures. Get ready to be involved in all steps from enabling automation of customer requests to upgrades and migrations and proactive management of the different environments. 

The entrepreneurial spirit here, gives me the drive to be a better engineer, mentor, human.

Gabriel Dragan, Senior Storage Engineer

What should you expect?

  • A focus on growth and development - access to courses, certifications for technologies we work with in Networking, Storage and Virtualization;
  • Working both for existing and for new customers. This way, you are constantly encouraged to use the latest technologies and offer more value;
  • Working in an international team, because together you stand strong (and working together is also much more fun);
  • A versatile playground with a focus on personal development and job satisfaction;
  • Projects, large and small, that you can truly leave your mark upon;