Trust your team

Marian Matei, Service Coordinator

Marian’s technical background and his innate drive to connect with people make him a natural Service Coordinator. In this role he maximizes the efforts of our Windows technical experts while managing our Customer’s infrastructure, who rely on our expertise.

Be there with and for your team, every day

Marian Matei, Service Coordinator

When your team gives you confidence

"Cegeka gave me my first job in a corporate environment and here I was part of a Windows Engineering team that had more members than the total number of employees from my previous employer. It was scary at first, but I joined a solid team who gave me confidence."

"The colleagues supported me from day one in my obvious quest to become a professional Windows Engineer and a dependable team member. This is actually part of the Cegeka DNA – learning and developing yourself in order to support your team and clients. Every step of the way I had all the necessary space from my mentors and, thanks to the training sessions, I was always aware of the evolution of my domain. Before I knew it, I was a System Engineer providing support to newcomers, accompanying them in their growth. In my current Service Coordinator position I act as the single point of contact for internal customers or customers’ representatives, key stakeholders and operational teams for operational issues."

"In addition to steering on SLA agreements, customer satisfaction is a very important topic. I ensure that the agreements are fulfilled, that we deliver what has been agreed, and my technical background is vital for both parties - the team and the customer. I know that both the Engineers and the Client trust me to find the best approach. Besides this, it all comes down to team work, as many professionals from the technical and non-technical teams inspire me with their everyday motivation to keep our clients happy."


"Nothing would be possible, though, without trust – which is earned through professional accomplishments but also by being part of a community. I am passionate about sports, thus I created the Cegeka football team, where I further strengthened the relations with colleagues I was already working with. It’s really good to be able to solve a communication problem at 3 pm and later on, at 8 pm, to be on the football field having fun."

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