Working together for achieving results

Anca Udroiu, Project Manager

There are people who always want to see behind the surface, and Anca is one of them. After helping us shape the Change process, she is now part of the Project Management Team. As someone who craves variety and constant learning, she considers this role her ideal match.

It’s in my nature to understand the customer's perspective and their needs, in order to see a project through.

Anca Udroiu, Project Manager

Structure in sync with trust and collaboration

"What I know now, after almost 5 years with Cegeka, is that a family-based company truly brings family principles to all its activities. The Change process in Cegeka was at the beginning when I joined the company, so I started doing what I knew best - bring structure and a new approach. When people say ”process”, they usually think of something rigid; this was not the case, as I had the opportunity to work with very flexible professionals. They understood the value of a customer-oriented approach and were more than happy to implement my ideas. The results were overwhelming. The whole process changed and the customers kept on sending great feedback, expressing their contentment that things are on a really good track."


"I have always been passionate about Project management and my nature as a person deeply reflects the essence of this role. I am the type of professional who always wants to understand the client’s view, so, for me, every Change Request was not an “assigned ticket”, it was a need that I had to investigate and to understand from all perspectives in order to grasp the scope and the means."

"When the Project Manager role was opened, all I needed was a boost of confidence in order to take the leap and apply for the role. That boost came from my manager, who saw my strengths and guided me so that, in line with my belief that hard work is a must in order to achieve something, I applied. I took the role and have been taking on the most diverse and complex projects ever since."

"In my everyday work I have to liaise with different departments, to coordinate different teams and types of engineers, to struggle for results, to face complex situations and in the end to evaluate the project’s results. In this position you are continuously fighting for a good budget direction, a clear scope and a satisfied customer, all while the house is on fire. You never get bored. You always find yourself in a new context and you always get to learn and grow from all of this. Only when you are here you can feel that for real!"

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