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Peace of mind through innovation

We believe that blockchain technology is going to fundamentally change our way of doing business. Hence, at Cegeka we approach blockchain in a very pragmatic way: starting from an experiment, we work towards a concrete solution, which we then put into production, ending in testing and long-term support.

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Digital signing made effortless

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Sign and secure your documents on the blockchain in just minutes. Legally binding, safe and secure. Digital signing is ready, are you? Get started with Cegeka’s digital signing application demo with endless possibilities and advantages.

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What is blockchain?

Sander Van Loosbroek explains

Vlog - What is blockchain
Sander Van Loosbroek

Sander Van Loosbroek - Distributed Ledger Technology Expert, Cegeka

The speed of blockchain blockchain is undeniably fast and, the impact of blockchain might be one of the most important developments since the internet.

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